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Queens, N.Y.: Crips Allegedly Gang-Raped and Enslaved Long Island Runaway, Forcing Her into Prostitution: Daily News Refuses to ID Slave’s Race


Suspects Junior Goldring (l.), Omari Millington, and Renardo Williams in Queens Criminal Court on Thursday; Craig Warga/New York Daily News

Queens gang raped and pimped out Long Island teen runaway for a week, prosecutors say
Crew claimed to cops that NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly rented their place
By Clare Trapasso, Thomas Zambito and Larry McShane
Thursday, March 8, 2012, 2:35 p.m.
Updated on Friday, March 9, 2012, at 2:16 a.m.
New York Daily News
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Attorney covers the face of defendant Gary Council; Craig Warga/New York Daily News

A Queens gang turned a kidnapped 15-year-old girl into their terrified sex slave, gang-raping her in an apartment where she was forced to turn tricks for six barbaric days.

When the half-dozen suspects were busted, they tried to dodge arrest by claiming their Ozone Park landlord was NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, authorities said Thursday.

The bizarre ruse was an epic fail, with the suspects quickly cuffed on an assortment of charges involving the Long Island runaway.

Baby-faced ringleader Gary Council, 22, and his five co-defendants held the teen hostage in a second-floor Ozone Park apartment from Feb. 6-12, officials charged.

“You have to obey Gary Council,” commanded co-defendant Andrea Furlonge, the lone woman accused in the vile crime. Authorities said the men were affiliated with the Crips street gang.

The girl’s nightmarish stretch of forced depravity included one night where she was force-fed Ecstacy pills and gang-raped by four of her captors, authorities said.

“This is a horrific case," said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. “She is fortunate to have escaped."

She called cops on Valentine’s Day, two days after escaping when her captors dispatched her to a nearby store. One of the suspects, after his arrest, expressed no concern about the victim, officials said.

“My keys to my BMW are in that house,” defendant Junior Goldring, 23, of Brooklyn, purportedly told cops as he was busted.

Council, accused of kidnapping, rape and other charges, was ordered held on $1 million bail. Goldring, along with co-defendants Omari Millington and Renardo Williams, was jailed on $200,000 bail.

Furlonge 21, was held on $100,000 bail, while sixth defendant Roy McMillan was jailed on $75,000.

McMillan watched as the defenseless teen was repeatedly raped and sodomized by Council, Goldring, Millington and Williams on Feb. 8, authorities said.

Millington and Council allegedly forced her to swallow two tablets of Ecstacy before the assault.

Defense attorney Michael Horn questioned whether the teen’s story was believable.

“You have a victim who’s been raped, drugged and she doesn’t report it for days?” he asked.

Furlonge took nude pictures of the girl and posted them online to lure customers to the apartment, prosecutors say. Furlonge, 21, also coached the girl on how to deal with johns, prosecutors say.

The girl was forced to perform oral sex or have sexual intercourse with a series of men — and then surrender the cash to Council.

“You're not going anywhere,” Council warned the girl when she tried to escape, yanking her back inside the apartment. “You are going to stay here and make my money.”

The suspects were living illegally inside the apartment, which was actually owned by a 63-year-old man who was threatened by the squatters.

“They were partying all the time on weekends,” said neighbor Laura Ibarra, 39, who lived next door with her husband and three kids.

She never saw the captive teen, who was picked up by Goldring on Feb. 6 — the day that she ran away from her surburban home.

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Anonymous said...

One of the most glaring media racial blindspots is identifying street pimps. While the media occasionally runs pictures of black perpetrators of violence or mentions, in passing usually, that they are "african american" they NEVER mention race when it involves sexual exploitation or women or underage girls. They do however mention the names of pimps when they arrest them so before someone accuses me of profiling I would say that unless white people started naming their sons names like: Dontae; LaMarcus; RayJay, etc.. I think we can bank on the "suspects" as being black. It's not unusual to see black adult male pimps, or wannabes, recruiting openly on the streets of any major city. I wonder how the black community would feel if groups of white men stood on sidewalks harassing black women in the same way. I can hear Sharpton, Jackson et al screaming now. Of course gangs of black men would probably pick up baseball bats and beat the crap out of the white men. I wouldn't blame them for doing it and if I was on a jury probably wouldn't convict of assault, what's infuriating is if we performed the same act on black pimps the white liberal establishment would scream racism and the white men would be sitting in court with these pimps mothers holding pictures of their babies as children. I know you already know that Mr. Stix but I still had to write it. The URL below is an article from a local paper that is totally typical of media coverage of this issue - no mention of "who" young girls should be wary of.

AnalogMan said...

Admit it now: don't you miss the KKK? They would never have stood for this kind of crap. But White people are now so cowed that these animals can move into his home and set up a brothel, without so much as a peep out of him.

How is this possible? Because they have a gang to back them up, and he has nothing. Less than nothing; he has the police.

Nothing will change unless and until White people again organise for their defence.

Anonymous said...

These guys will have hero status among black people, Nobody has more status in the black community than pimps, they have instant status in prison. The media collaborates in enhancing the street cred image of these scumbags. I have NEVER seen pimps caught with underage girls labeled by newspapers as: pedophiles, child molesters, perverts... instead they are "traffickers" "pimps"... terms that suggest "businessmen" not child abusers. White men who have sexual contact with underage girls are immediately tagged with these labels but black men are not. In fact, even when black men aren't necessarily "pimpin" but are caught with underage girls I've never seen those labels being attached to them, suggesting that it's different when a black man has sex with underage girl, somehow less perverted or criminal than those degenerate white molesters. Incest is also mythologized by black people as a "white people" problem. Again, utterly untrue but is a fervent belief in the black community because it demonizes white and makes black people feel better about their own negative behaviors.

Nicawawa said...

Long Island is predominately white. So using that base alone, odds are the victim is white.

This censoring of the victims race is SOP for a Corrupt Liberal Media that tries to cover up the horrific extent of black on white violent crime to perpetrate their narrative that only whites can be racist.

Eldridge Cleaver wrote that when he raped white women, he was motivated by race hatred and racist revenge. But Cleaver never murdered one of his victims as far as I know.

Research has shown that the rape and murder, of white women by black offenders outnumbers white on black sexual homicide by a ratio of 48 to one. And when you are talking about elderly white women the hate ratio is 99 to one.

Interracial forcible rape, sexual homicide,sexual homicide of elderly women are the violent crime metrics with the strongest evidence of black racial hatred of whites.

Yet,using white women as your personal sex slave and degrading and brutalizing them at every opportunity has got to be the ultimate fantisy of black revenge and race hatred.

And once these victims are completely broken they will show their black masters the "Pimp Respect" that the black race hatred requires.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that all the comments made are about race relations, and are not even about the true victim and her welfare. That shows what kind of mentality American people have. And, let's all not forget how many black women in the history of America, have been raped by white men and treated like animals, who still haven't gotten any justice. Lets not forget that a criminal mind has no skin color. There are white men in jail for the same charges and maybe even worse. Note, that most people arrested in major human/sex trafficking scandals are not usually black. And, there are white pimps, just as there are black ones. If people are to make comments, then let's face the facts and stay away from racist remarks. Fact is: America as a whole is corrupt and had this country given women the respect and equality they deserve, this problem would not be as prevalent. Had useless men teach their sons how to be men, regardless of color/race, this would not be an issue. When women are commodified by men and the American media (I know you all have seen reality shows, videos for ALL genres of music, Playboy, Sports Illustrated and the plethora of "Hottest body/Sexiest woman alive" countdowns), why would they be treated any differently than how they are portrayed? When a man is talking to a woman's breasts instead of her face, what does that say about what he thinks women are good for? Let's face it. Before a man says, "hey, now there's an intelligent woman," he'll say "hey,check out the racks on that one." No one is complaining about the drugs and half naked women, groupies and open sexual promiscuity that is a part of both Rap, Pop, and Hip Hop culture. Everyone is in on it these days. I am not excusing, by any means, what they did and I do hope they get the full sentence for their acts. But, I as a young woman was taught by my mother to never speak to strangers; beware of strange men or people in general; never to stray from my friends when we're out; never to get into a car with any man, even if I know them and they know my family; never to go off without alerting my family of my whereabouts for the day; and that no matter how bad things may seem at home that there could be much worse out there waiting, so think twice before I ever tried to run away. What kind of parents does this girl have? And if your child had gone missing for a week, why would you not make an effort to report it, to find her, and to call her friends and find out if they'd seen her? And she might need to rethink her choice of friends because no friend of mine would ever, ever let me get into a car with some stranger, and if I got away from them and did so, the cops would be called immediately and given as much information as possible. This is a sad case, not only for the young lady, not only for those stupid young men, but for America as a whole. What does this say about how we run our society? Sip on that for a while.

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous apologizing for black rapists.

Yes, let us not forget the black women raped by white men...400 years of oppression! That rationalization is being used by Sharpton, black rapists and white black crime apologists.
You know what? I'm concerned about the women being raped today and tomorrow.
You are a true feminist, it's more important to protect the black man's right to rape rather than a white woman's right not to be raped. Just invoke the past to obscure the reality of what is happening right now.
That's why the comments are about race, the issue of race is being manipulated to protect and mitigate black violence, in particular black sexual violence toward white women. The civil rights movement succesfully suppressed the degenerate urges of white men to rape black women but then gave tacit permission to black men to rape white women. If we applied the same pressure on black men to cease raping white women then we wouldn't have to worry about the victims welfare cause there wouldn't be a victim. Wouldn't that be better?

For that matter why not take the next step and put pressure on all rapists to stop rape period. Of course, we can't get to that step because the likes of you start screaming "400 Years of Oppresssion"!

You're referencing those "young men" as "stupid" implies they were too dumb to understand what they were doing, I actually agree, they likely have low IQ's but you don't need to be bright to understand right from wrong and I think they well understood what they were doing was wrong.
You're need to sympathize with these scumbags reveals you are another white apologist for black crime, people like you are the reason why black sexual violence against white women remains unpublicized by today's society.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this case have the same attention as the Trevor martin case? Clearly, it too is a hate crime!!