Thursday, March 15, 2012

Verdict in Tracey Biletnikoff Murder Trial: Guilty!


Tracey Biletnikoff's murderer, Mohammed Haroon Ali, twice failed to con a jury

Murder victim Tracey Biletnikoff: She may finally get what passes for justice in 21st century America

By David in TN

Mohammad Haroon Ali was found guilty of first-degree murder in the strangling death of Tracey Biletnikoff, the daughter of pro football hall of fame wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff.

Tracey Biletnikoff died on February 16, 1999.

This was the second trial for Ali. An earlier guilty verdict was overturned, after an appellate court ruled in July, 2009 that District Attorney Steve Wagstaff dismissed the only two black members of the jury pool because of their race. He denied any wrongdoing and was the prosecutor in the second trial, as well.

The jury had the option of a manslaughter verdict which carried only 11 years, meaning that Ali would have walked free with time served. He now “could be behind bars for life.”

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