Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sanford, Florida: Black “Little Boy,” Trayvon Martin 17, Beat White “Vigilante” George Zimmerman Bloody; Zimmerman Shot Martin Dead; Now Black WFTV

“Reporter,” Daralene Jones, Black Supremacists, and White Aunt Jemima Earwitness Demand That Zimmerman be Arrested
By Nicholas Stix

From the reportorial below and the interview at the link, there can be no doubt that white "witness" Mary Cutcher believes--as do racist "reporter" Daralene Jones and her colleagues at WFTV--that blacks have some sort of right to violate whites with impunity, but that it is a crime for whites to defend themselves.

Witness: Sanford police "Blew us off" in teen slaying
Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 4:40 p.m.
Updated Thursday, March 15, 2012, 6:16 a.m.

WFTV reporter Daralene Jones spoke with a woman who heard a Sanford vigilante shoot a 17-year-old boy as he was walking home from a convenience store with a bag of candy. [N.S.: What a crock! He'd just beat the man bloody.]

The shooter, George Zimmerman, claimed self-defense in the killing, Sanford police said.

They said there was not enough evidence to arrest Zimmerman, fueling outrage around Central Florida and the nation.

However, witness Mary Cutcher said she knew the truth. Cutcher said police only took a two or three sentence statement from her, but it took about 30 minutes to tell WFTV the story.

"The cries stopped as soon as the gun went off, so I know it was the little boy," Cutcher said. ["Little boy"?! That would be the 17-year-old who had just beaten a grown man bloody.]

Cutcher said a cry for help got her attention on the day Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in her backyard by Zimmerman, who was a neighborhood vigilante. [The cry for help was from Zimmerman! And it is outrageous for WFTV to refer to Zimmerman as "a neighborhood vigilante," as opposed to saying "whom Cutcher condemned as a neighborhood vigilante."]

Cutcher said that until now, she ignored repeated attempts by national and local media to share what she saw, partially out of fear. [Fear of whom?]

"We said, 'Is everything OK? And he just looked at us. Selma [another witness] asked him again, 'What's up, what's going on, everything OK? And he just said, 'Call the police,' kind of nonchalantly, kind of like, 'Leave me alone,' '' Cutcher said.

According to a partial police report, Cutcher is one of six witnesses that Sanford police took a statement from.

Cutcher said it was short, and police never questioned her in detail until after she repeatedly reached out to them.

"Blew us off, and I called him back again and I said, "I know this was not self-defense. There was no punching, no hitting going on at the time, no wrestling,'" Cutcher said.

Cutcher said she believes whatever confrontation there was, it ended before they got to her backyard.

She also said she believes Zimmerman continued to chase Martin as he tried to get home. ["As he tried to get home" after committing a crime.]

Police said Zimmerman had a "bloody nose and blood on the back of his head," and he told police, "He was yelling for someone to help, but no one would."

Cutcher said even if Martin got the best of Zimmerman, it's no excuse to kill an unarmed teenager who is half his size. [Martin didn't "get the best of Zimmerman," he criminally assaulted him.]

"I assumed he's going to be arrested. Common sense will tell you, and he wasn't," Cutcher said.

Sanford police pointed to a state statute for not making an immediate arrest, and they sent WFTV a copy of the law titled, "Justifiable Use of Force."

However, WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer reviewed the statute and said that if Zimmerman was told by 911 to not confront Martin and did anyway, the statute is not on his side.

"The use of deadly force in this case was unlawful and a valid arrest could have been made," Sheaffer said.

Sheaffer also said that ultimately an arrest could be, and likely should be made, and then the state would decide if the charges stick.

"Under the facts, it is above the discretion for Sanford not to affect on arrest and then send it to the State Attorney's Office," said Sheaffer.

Sanford police have said there was no probable cause for an arrest of Zimmerman. The case is now in the hands of the State Attorney's Office.

Neighbor Frank Taaffe worries it went too far, but believes Zimmerman had good intentions.

"I can't speak for him, I just know he's a good person and really cares for the neighborhood," said Taaffe.

WFTV also learned that Zimmerman has been the victim of violence at least twice in the past.

He was working security for a party at an Altamonte Springs home in 2005 and residents said someone broke his jaw when he tried to break up a fight.

That same year, he was robbed at gunpoint at a 7-Eleven after eating dinner at a nearby Chili's restaurant.

WFTV attempted several times to call Zimmerman and his family, however, when WFTV received a response of "the number you called is no longer in service.

Neighbors told WFTV Zimmerman hasn't been home since the shooting last month.

A spokesperson for Sanford police said the department did talk to her, but couldn't say how many days passed.

He said an internal review after the case is closed will examine why there was a time lapse, if any.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people rallied at a Sanford church on Wednesday, calling for Zimmerman's arrest.

Close to 400 people showed up alongside pastors from around the country.

They want the 911 audio release, or Zimmerman's arrest, within the next two weeks.

If not, the group said they will move forward with plans for a march and rally at the next city commission meeting.

"Once we get to the city council meeting, we are going to stay there every day until something happens," said the Rev. Jamal Bryant.

A city commissioner also wants the police chief to step aside, WFTV learned.

WFTV also found out that the New Black Militia and New Black Panther groups are
planning to protest at the Sanford Police Department next week.

Stay with WFTV for updates on this developing story.


BlackandArmedInOrlando said...

writer - you're an idiot.
Zimmerman was instructed by the 911 dispatcher NOT TO ENGAGE.

Martin had a right to defend his person from an armed stranger trying to detain him.

Zimmerman is NOT law enforcement and has no right or authority to detain anyone.

What crime did Martin commit exactly you stupid fuck? Walking down the street?

Hitting an aggressive man who attempted to illegally detain him on the street?

Guess what you dumb shit - that's completely legal. The shooting, ANYWAY YOU CUT IT was illegal.

Oh - a 17 year old is legally a child you stupid fucker.

Anonymous said...

A 17 year old is a minor, but under common law a child is under 14. Since he was a criminal minor his parents should be held responsible. I believe they should be confined to hard labor for 20 years. Mr. Black O, I also believe your grossly false argumentation is a vile libel against Mr. Z, and for that you should serve 5 years at hard labor. A trivia question for you Mr. Black O, why were lynchings somewhat common for so many years? It's because they worked. You don't have to kill everyone who has criminal thoughts and capabilities. You only have to kill a few before the rest get the picture. And then the world is a safer, more peaceful, orderly and beautiful place. Mr. Z deserves a medal and our undying gratitude. Oh and since Mr. Black O appears so ignorant let me state that historically 80% of all lynchings were of Caucasians. True justice is color blind.

L Mik said...

Blogger...You are not very bright. This is when having free speech is a travesty. SMH.

And, anonymous...if there is ANY justice at all YOU WILL meet your end soon in the way you endorse. Good riddance!

jeigheff said...

Sorry BlackandArmedinOrlando, I've read too much about black-on-white crime to feel very sorry for poor lil' Trayvon Martin for assaulting a white guy who happened to be ready for trouble.

You see, the wickedness of the blacks who wage war against this whites in this country has hardened my heart. I wish no harm on blacks who want to live in peace. But I get the feeling that you're not one of those people.

I'm not sure what to make of L Mik's comment. Is he suggesting Mr. Stix doesn't have the right to report on violent crime?

One more thing to BlackandArmedinOrlando: boo-hoo, boo hoo hoo! I . .. I . . . just cant' stop crying! That poor young black racist sociopath! Why, oh why, did that white guy cut short Martin's evil, wicked life? Poor Trayvon could have assaulted so many more white people, had he lived longer. And now, he'd dead and IN HELL.

Do you have any fear of the Lord,
BlackandArmedinOrlando? I do. I think you should too.

Hiz Mammy said...

Trayvon beez a good keeid, he din do nuffin! Dem rayciss craKKKas beez keepin him down. We beez oprest!

Anonymous said...

BlackO, you're 100% right and probably the only one making any sense here. The dumbass Zimmerman accosted Mr. Martin & tried to detain him, after being told by the police NOT to. Zimmerman had absolutely no autority to do so & when Martin had to beat him up to get away, Zimmerman pulled out a gun & shot him. Zimmerman must be tried for murder and anything else these racist morons say doesn't matter. They don't understand the law, nor can they think as they're cretins. Clearly the blogger is the lead cretin.

CFXK said...

Love that free speech is alive and well here.

I'm just sad that Nicholas will lose all of this when he starts spending eternity in hell as the reward for all his hatred and spitefulness. What a sad pathetic thing he is.

Anonymous said...

So got your own blog now, you murderer. You will be arrested and then sent to prison. I doubt if you last a week...I will be counting the days you fat POS.NO ONE believes your lies and it will be a matter of days before you are behind bars.

IGW Review said...

If anything Treyvon was defending himself.
From his perspective here come this guy out of nowhere and tries to illegaly detain him. I wouldn't blame him if he took a swing, for all I know I'm getting mugged or something.
Even so, lets look at the facts, this zimmerman guy called the police, appearantly to report a black person walking in his neighborhood (didn't know that was a crime) He was told police were on their way. Zimmerman could not wait and so began to follow Trayvon even as the operator told him to stay put. Can you address this dear blogger? Zimmmerman probably realized that Treyvon was not committing a crime, the police would show up, nothing would happen and if anything HE would get a ticket for false reporting to police so he decided to make a scene probably shoved Treyvon. If I were in Treyvon's shoes I'd be alarmed at someone suddenly walking up to me aggressively- I would likely try to defind my self by taking a swing or two I'M YET TO HEAR WHAT THIS KID DID THAT WOULD WARRANT HIS DEAT this is sick and the racism some people are displaying over this issue is so BLATANT. Lets switch things around, what if this had been a black neighborhood watch guy, confronting a white teen, then killing him. using the exact same self defense bullshit- the black man would be in jail right now no questions asked....MAKES ME SICK

Anonymous said...

Sanford Native.....

Police work really involves hard work and determination, observation and common sense. It is a matter of law, where Mr. Zimmerman were being objective the killing of Trayvon Martin. You can't get too locked into one training of thought when confronting an individual. You must meet rigorous, physical and personal qualifications in given situations with years of experience. You must demonstrate good vision, strength and agility test in order to do Police work. However, Mr. Zimmerman did not meet those qualifications and his personal characteristics such as good judgment and sense of responsibility lead him to make a hasting decision which was important that he did not exercise his authority when necessary as a Vigilante. This was a question of fact when 911 operator instructed him to not pursue after the suspect (Trayvon Martin). Mr. Zimmerman's action/conduct may be adjudged to be the cause in fact to the Proximate Cause of Trayvon Martin's death. The Public knows why Trayvon Martin was in the nearly white neighborhood complex because He was visiting family who resides there. Whether or not Mr. Zimmerman shot and struck Trayvon Martin, this nearly white neighborhood is part liable for poor lighting in complex which might lead to part of the wrongful death suit. Thereby, Mr Zimmerman should have not pursue a chase or followed after Trayvon Martin until Police officers had surround the premises, but HE WANTED TO ACT AS A POLICEMAN and now look at what the national problem He has caused for a sleepy quiet City.

Anonymous said...

Really? If Zimmerman were African American, he'd be arrested in a heartbeat. He must pay the salary there as well. What a shameful thing to happen. There are no good words for this place on the map, nor is it a safe place for folks of color. Tsk, tsk.
We got your message loud and clear.
Oh, please tell me too, he's a church going man. Yeah, my foot. What a bunch of hippocrates. You have absolutely no clue of who gave you breath and you sure have proven that. No church gives you breath. Waste of beautiful trees to build those darn places.
You are one of the many reasons I have absolutely no faith in man. I only believe in GOD and GOD is not in a church.
So sorry a child was lost to a judgemental, critical, self centered, liar, liar, liar, liar, arrogant, snob. So unnecessary. Self defense from Skittles and a Coke, right? Yeah, real scary.
What world do you live in and what garbage are you constantly feeding your mind. HOW DARE YOU TAKE A LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

To all the racist blacks (and their sycophantic lapdogs) worked up in self-indulgent outrage.

Where were your outcries for the elderly couple brutally raped & murdered "execution-style" in Tulsa? Where were you outcries when a white boy was set on fire by two black kids?

Your racist silence at black-on-white crimes speaks volumes.

End racism by condemning the racism in your own house.

Anonymous said...

Some anonymous feller said that "historically, 80% of all lynchings were of Caucasians." I laughed a lot. This same commenter was suggesting jail sentences using logic he must have pulled from the same place he got that statistic. History shows that 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites were lynched between 1882 and 1968. I could prove that what I'm saying is true... but I found out by using google for 5 minutes.

I guess what I'm saying is; 97% of all statistics are made up on the spot by ignorant people.

To respond to this anonymous poster using his own ignorant language; Mr. Anonymous, you should get hard labor forever for being a complete liar and an ignoramus.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Nicholas, let's say you're right and the kid fought back at the stranger who was following him (and what would you have done if some guy was following you) and "bloodied" Zimmerman. So Zimmerman has a right to invoke a citizen death sentence? That is crazy.

Anonymous said...

What rock did you crawl out from Nicholas Stix? Not only are you a hideous racist, but you don't even follow news. The police reports are released. The tapes are released. The city commission has given a vote of no confidence to the chief of police.

Someone was shot dead by a guy armed with a gun who chased the guy. It is on the tapes. Are you also hearing impaired as well as stupid?

And the police did not interrogate the killer, did not impound his car, did not take drug or alcohol tests and allowed him to leave with the lethal weapon. Do you honestly think it would be such a big story that is gaining the support of conservatives as well as liberals it if were some "media fabrication." Please. I live in Florida, this is for real, as I fear are cretins like you who abuse freedom of speech. You disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Im black, but I hate blacks and whites equally. Hate 'em all. cant stand f**cking niggers, wish they would disappear.They're worthless,underachievers who will probably always miss the mark... and you white people, you all have leprosy as far as i'm concerned, and a host of other diseases that make you stupid to reality.And you smell like wet dogs, which is probably a compliment to you since you all practice bestiality anyway.

Anonymous said...

i'm all for segregation..100% but first, lets give the Native Americans back their land, get the fuck off their property, dare fucking white devils to say a WORD about it, then respectively retreat to our former nations.How about that, huh? Sounds like a plan, right???

Anonymous said...

thank you, Nicholas Stix,for creating a blog where I can say how I feel without being edited. I feel better already...the others will come to appreciate it once they realize their blood pressure readings have dropped at their next doctor appt.

Anonymous said...

Im White it dont see color we are all gods people.No one has the right to kill another human being this is just a child it was killed by some sick man and took the law into his own hands. anyone can be a nigger white or black to me this just means a trashy person such as the man it killed this young man
and to anyone it feels that this sick man had the right to take the life of our father in heavens child is just as sick as the man it killed this child.By the we all will be going to the same heaven as this dead child when we die.That if we our nothing like the monster it killed this sweet young man.I know if this was a white child some one would be in jail right now.I agree with the person it said this land dont belong to white or black it was tooking by white men from native americans .So why does so many of us white people think we our any better than a black person

Stacey said...

wer'e all jaded by the things that go one wants to lose a kid. If I lost my daughter, i'd rather die than live.

Anonymous said...

It's very tragic that this young man lost his life, my prayers are with his family and friends. With that said, we must let God's justice prevail, name and race blaming only ignite idiotic actions and take us back to the 1960's. Please lets keep this civil and not let the extremist stir this into violence. I'm speaking to the Black Panthers and the White extreme gangs.

Anonymous said...

Wow. City of Sanford is corrupt. It is not just that you leaked something. You leaked an unsubstantiated claim in an attempt to represent it as fact. Even with all the scrutiny by the state and federal authorities, the City of Sanford cannot control their backwoods police force.

Folks, ALL you need to know is in the 911 tapes. You do not pursue folks with a gun and claim self-defense. Bottom-line.

Jordan said...

I hope every single one of you bleeding hearts gets robbed by a 17 year old black kid with a hoody on! Acting like I don't read the news everyday and hear about the Black on White crime that happens! And you know why? Cuz White people are ridiculous bleeding hearts who think we owe them something for slavery when that ended 150 years ago! It is funny that everyone thinks the Civil War was about slavery but that wasn't all of it! And as for the Lynchings the KKK sprung up cuz of Carpet Baggers and it obviously worked! Now we are a bunch of apologists well guess what? Your ancestors got those reperations and probably squandered them and then we even gave y'all this nice peice of land in Africa called Liberia and your people fucked it up too! Take a look at Liberia and you can see what happens when left to your own devices!

Anonymous said...

WEll, this is actually so sad to say, but what little faith I had in god is now gone fr good. The religious zealots who commented here are clearly ignorant of the facts or just plain ignorant. In fact, if I understand Christianity correctly (and I should as I was raised Christian), they are the ones who will actually burn in Hell for the things they said(say hi to Trayvon while you're there)Anyway, religion aside, I have to congratulate you, Nicholas, on allowing those religious and other morons post their comments here. It shows you are a fair man who believes in freedom of speech. I am sincerely impressed. Of course it gives you a great chance to show free thinkers just how stupid some people can be when they are blinded by their evil religions and evil tin god, or those who refuse to see the truth no matter how obvious it is. Trayvon Martin was clearly a thug and you know what, if some black thug attacks me, I'm going to defend myself. Get a life you god freaks, and get a life you self hating whites who think the black man is god.

Anonymous said...

If you are a 27 year old man, that out weighs a a teen by 50-100 pounds, and a teenager can whop your ass you desirve it especially when that adult was told do not follow or approach that teen. if anything treyvon was standing his ground.

JD said...

Such vitriol! Such rage!

It's really hard to have an informed opinion in this day and age yet everyone seems content to have uninformed ones. I don't know enough about this issue to take a stand and it's nearly impossible to identify fact and separate it from the media treatment.

But you all need to get some Xanax and relax. said...

Omg,you are so stupid,do you even live around any black folk? they hate you,take up for them all you want to,they will still hate you..

AJ said...

Blackandarmed, and all the other racists on this thread,

1. George Zimmerman did not attempt to detain Martin. He attempted to make visual contact. If you listen to the 911 call in its entirety, and not the altered versions, you'll clearly hear that Trayvon Martin had run off after circling George Zimmermans truck. During the entire phone call GZ relates to the dispatcher Martin's actions, after Martin ran off the dispatcher asked where he had gone and what he was doing, Zimmerman was attempting to answer him. When the dispatcher said "we don't need you to do that" (follow him) Zimmerman replies "okay". It was when he was walking back to his truck that he was confronted and assaulted by Martin.

2. One can use deadly force to defend themselves when the belief of imminent danger exists. When someone is pounding your head on the concrete while screaming for help, then reaches for your gun, it exists.

3. For those who say that if the races were reversed there would have been a different outcome, there was such a case in New York when 16 year old Chris Servini was shot and killed by black neighborhood watchman Roderick Scott. Same outcome.