Friday, March 23, 2012

“Knockout King,” Left Behind Syndrome, and FakeStat in St. Louis: 18 Racist Blacks Brutally Sucker Punch and Mob Attack White Man, Matthew Quain, 52,

Run Witness Out of Town, and Continue Terrorizing Him, Yet Crime is Plummeting, and City is Its Safest Since 1967!

Matthew Quain, yet another of the millions of white victims of black racism

Matthew Quain’s brutal, racist attackers: Invisible. They enjoy license, on the basis of their race, age, their ability to intimidate witnesses, and their victim’s race

The late Hoang Nguyen: Yet another victim of murderous black racism

"Knockout King": Elex Murphy has been charged with murdering 72-year-old Hoang Nguyen

By Nicholas Stix

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman after Martin beat the hell out of Zimmerman in a gated community. Well-to-do lefties, who typically live in the most lily-white communities they can find, routinely condemn other whites who live in gated communities, just as they have for 40 years condemned whites who have fled murderous black racism for “white flight,” which is of course, “racist.” Not wanting to see one’s family or oneself robbed, raped, maimed or murdered is “racist.”

In the real world, however, just about anyone who can afford to, of whatever ideology, including blacks, votes with his feet to escape “diversity.” Even “Barack Obama’s” genocidal Black Liberation Theology preacher, Jeremiah T. Wright, moved to an otherwise lily-white, luxury preserve, in order to escape the very thugs whom he champions. Well-to-do whites who remain in big cities stay in predominantly white preserves with 24-hour security (typically provided by non-whites), get splendid police protection, and when they are victimized, know to express sympathy for their attackers, and bring along their high-priced lawyers, and get high-priced justice. The really rich can “afford” armed bodyguards, though the unprotected, white taxpayer ultimately picks up the tab, as such protection is a “business expense,” and thus a tax write-off.

And it’s not enough just to live in a gated community. Racist black thugs are still getting inside of these, in part because other blacks live inside them, and in other cases, because they are not fully secured, like George Zimmerman’s community. And so, residents must still form neighborhood watch groups, and/or hire private security guards.

The constantly increasing and compounding expenses of diversity never end, such that fewer and fewer whites can afford to protect themselves.

St. Louis was once one of America’s most beautiful cities. Now, it is a diversitopian hellhole that competes annually for the honor of being America’s most violent city. Gotta represent.

The blog Countenance has been chronicling the reality of life in St. Louis for years.

Unlike, the MSM, however, I am going to let the other side have its say.

Countenance and Mr. Matthew Quain will surely be delighted to know that, according to St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom, their city is safer than ever.

Police departments for both the city and county released 2011 crime data on Wednesday. Crime in St. Louis County dropped 2.4% compared to 2010, reaching the lowest level since 1971.

In the city of St. Louis, the crime rate dropped 5.9%. Police say the 31,811 total crimes was the lowest total since the city had 30,826 in 1967.

Reader Joe Wright quickly destroyed the above propaganda.
Smoke & Mirrors..... The city of St Louis, in 1967 had 580,000 people, the population now is approx. 360,000 people. So 30,826 crimes in 1967, and 31,811 in 2011, with 40% less population , is a drop in crime? I do'nt thik so! Just a little info. I live in Iowa, now but was raised in North St. Louis, just off Parnell, on Benton St.

Keep in mind that St. Louis is the capital of the black sucker punch attacks that are called “Knockout King” by their racist fans.

Note, as well, that the reason the case against Matt Quain’s 18 attackers collapsed, was because they ran the 13-year-old, female witness and her family out of town with death threats. Some of the attackers' parents reportedly supported them.

Does a city in which black teenagers can routinely sucker punch and mob attack middle-aged and older white and Asian men, destroying their lives, and sometimes murdering them, as they did 72-year-old Vietnamese immigrant Hoang Nguyen, last April, with impunity, sound like a town that is safer than it has been since 1967?

Matthew Quain is a victim of black racism, specifically of what I call Left Behind Syndrome. Left Behind Syndrome is what happens to whites who can’t afford the gated communities, the 24-hour security, the high-priced lawyers and high-priced justice, or the armed bodyguards, and who remain in formerly white communities that have been invaded by racist blacks. And since Left Behind Syndrome is aggressively supported by whites who support racist blacks, including increasing numbers of white police officers, it is a pillar of Jim Snow.



Matthew Quain harassed by 'Knockout Game' attackers after charges were dropped
7:35 PM, January 16, 2012 | 31 comments
By Courtney Gousman

St. Louis (KSDK) - Over the past few months, we've been keeping you updated on the story of Matthew Quain. He's the south St. Louis man who was attacked by a group of teens while walking home.

Recently charges were dropped against those teens, and Quain says since that's happened, he was harassed during a second encounter by the same individuals.

"I don't know if it's anxiety or something's out of whack, but I have to stop and regroup," said Quain.

Quain is dealing with life after a vicious attack. Three months ago he was knocked unconscious by a number of teens while walking along South Grand. He says dizzy spells and problems with his short term memory are now part of his everyday life.

"It just catches up to me and I just have to stop and sit down," said Quain.

Last week, charges against the teens accused of the attack were dropped because a witness failed to show up in court. Quain says days after this devastating blow he was met by another shocking reality.

On Thursday morning Quain says he came face-to-face with two of his attackers while leaving an area Schnucks.

"He brushed up against me and put his fist up like he was going to hit me," said Quain.

He says when he flinched the two boys laughed, so Quain decided to give the boys a piece of his mind.

"And then his buddy comes down and looks me up and down and says 'What did you say?' 'Not again', I'm thinking," said Quain.

Quain walked away from the incident without injury. He called police to report the incident, and commanders with the St. Louis Police Department told NewsChannel 5 they are now investigating.

"I just don't understand it. It's really intimidating. It really is. I just really don't have the means to move right now. I just feel bad for the next person," said Quain.

Over the weekend Quain went back to the scene of the original attack to lead a peace rally. He was joined by family and friends. He says he wants to talk with St. Louis politicians about creating and enforcing tougher curfew ordinances.


countenance said...

The official propaganda is that the 13-year old witness didn't testify against her cohorts in the Knockout Martin Luther King incident against Quain. However, both my intuition and reading between the lines of the local media tell me that she didn't want to testify out of pure racial solidarity.

Anonymous said...

Peace rallies and curfew ordinances, eh? Like that's going to do one effing bit of good for anybody, or anything.
I'd have more respect for this guy if he started agitating for gun rights and concealed carry in St. Louis. Maybe 15 or so teenage thugs getting mowed down by an armed citizen packing a 30 round-magazine-equipped Glock would send these little cretins a message... namely, that their next "knockout king" game might be the last mistake they ever make.