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Minneapolis: What are the Odds That Augsburg College Gang-Rape Vic is Black? And What Happened to That Case, Anyway?!


Eric J. Smith/ Minnesota Department of Corrections. Don't worry--his ex inssits that he is incapable of rape, so we can just forget the whole matter, the DNA be damned.

By Nicholas Stix

I found out about this story via the amazing, new crime blog, Black racism and race hatred of non blacks. (I think it would catch on much quicker, if its owner shortened its title to simply, Black racism.)

Considering that at most six percent of Augsburg College’s coeds are black, it’s not bloody likely that the vic was black.

In any event, the story has fallen off the radar, or rather the Minneapolis media refused to continue covering it. I tried every possible combination, but could not find a single follow-up story on this case. There are other “stories” from the period of circa November 12, 2010, but they’re all the same story.

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Mpls. police: Two men took turns raping student
By Paul Walsh
Star Tribune
Updated: November 12, 2010 - 6:50 p.m.

One suspect is a felon. Police say he and another man kidnapped a woman on a Minneapolis street in April and raped her in their SUV.

A DNA match has led to charges against a convicted felon suspected of being one of two men who took turns raping a college student in their SUV in April after they kidnapped her off a south Minneapolis street before dawn.

Eric J. Smith, 27, of Minneapolis, was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping, according to a criminal complaint. Smith was brought to the Hennepin County jail Monday and held in lieu of $300,000 bail.

A sexual assault examination at a Minneapolis hospital led to a DNA match with Smith, who is registered with the state's Convicted Offender Database, the charges said.

Smith denied to officers that he had anything to do with the rape of the woman, 20, who attends Augsburg College. The attack occurred early on April 25 near Lake Street and Bloomington Avenue S.

A third man was driving the SUV at the time, the charges said. Police could not say Thursday whether the others have been arrested or charged.

Tavielle Williams, a former girlfriend of Smith's and mother of his two children, said on Thursday that "it's impossible" that he could have committed the rape.

"I know Eric, and I know Eric didn't commit this crime," said Williams, adding that they are no longer a couple but continue to "have each other's backs."

The student's boyfriend at the time said the woman was walking to a supermarket that was open that Sunday morning. The boyfriend, who lives in Chicago, said that "as soon as it happened I came up."

The man, who is not being named to protect the victim's identity, said he still keeps in touch with her. "She's doing OK. She said she just wants to get the thing behind her," he said.

According to the complaint and police records:

The woman left the Augsburg campus about 5 a.m. on April 25. The SUV pulled up next to her near Lake and Bloomington. Two men in the back seat "began imploring her" to get in. She refused and kept walking.

The two men got out, grabbed her and forced her into the SUV. She was held down and stripped below the waist. One of the men raped her and then the other for "an extended period of time," the complaint said.

The woman was dropped off in southeast Minneapolis.

Once investigators identified Smith through the DNA match, the woman identified him as one of her attackers during a police photo lineup, the complaint said.

At the time of the rape, Smith was on supervised release in connection with a felony forgery conviction in Ramsey County.

His criminal record also includes convictions this year for misdemeanor domestic assault and gross-misdemeanor domestic abuse for violating a no-contact order. He also was convicted of misdemeanor theft in 2006.

Smith is due in court Friday afternoon.

Paul Walsh • 612-673-4482


Unknown said...

How sad :-( what ever happened with this???

Nicholas said...

I just spent five minutes trying to track this guy down, and it's as if the case vanished into thin air. There is no follow-up story on him, and the original stories censored the names of the two co-defendants.