Monday, September 20, 2010

You’ll Scream ‘Til Your Lungs Collapse! You’ll Wet Your Pants! When You See the Horror Masterpiece, “When Republican Writers Dabble in Race”

Starring Dinesh D’Souza and Michelle Malkin!


Republican Super Stars Dinesh D’Souza and Michelle Malkin!

By Nicholas Stix

I have repeatedly told of the horrors of reading Michelle Malkin’s forays into the for her uncharted territory of race: “Triangulation” and “omission” are her bywords.

Well, another non-white Republican writer, who once showed great promise, is back in that field where no Republican can be trusted. Dinesh D’Souza, who once pilfered from Jared Taylor, and defamed the late Sam Francis, getting the latter fired as the top editorial writer at the Washington Times, is back with a work in which he reportedly not only engages in triangulation, omission, and the stealing of credit from better writers, but also sows the seeds of a bumper crop of confusion:
The Roots of Obama's Rage. See Steve Sailer’s new column, “Dinesh D’Souza: The Right Enemies, but the Wrong Thesis.”

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