Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bethany Storro Update: Police Release Suspect Sketch, Well-Wishers Organize Fund to Defray Medical Costs

The Vancouver Police Department's suspect sketch in the acid attack on Bethany Storro.

By Nicholas Stix
(For background, see: “Bethany Storro: ‘Hey Pretty Girl, Do You Want to Drink This?’ In Vancouver, Washington, Another Raceless Attacker.”)

The Sketch

Above is the police sketch of the suspect in the 7:15 p.m., August 31 acid attack on Bethany Storro in Vancouver, Washington.

“Storro described her assailant as black, with black hair pulled into a ponytail. She was approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall. She was wearing a green top and khaki shorts.”

The above sketch suggests that the attacker is quite light-skinned, but recent experiences with “raceless” police sketches make it increasingly difficult to trust the skin tones with which the computer programs used by police departments depict black suspects. In other words, in this regard, police sketches today are less reliable than they were in previous generations ... and not by accident.


Bethany Storro, in better times.


Bethany Storro, as she looked after the acid attack, but before her first surgery.

The Fund

On Saturday, The Columbian newspaper reported that a Bethany Joy Storro Fund has been set up at the Riverview Community Bank, to help defray Storro’s medical expenses, which promise to be massive.

The telephone number for Riverview Community Bank’s main branch in Vancouver, WA is: (360) 693-7086.


The manager of a local Safeway setting up a poster for the Bethany Joy Storro Fund.


Anonymous said...

That sketch is pure bullshit. It looks like some computer-generated average of all three major racial groups.

It's completely useless for its stated purposes.

The maniac will be caught, but only via intelligent police work. Vancouver, WA isn't a huge area.

She's being protected now by the bruthaz and sistaz. Whoever is protecting for her should be prosecuted.

Nicholas Stix said...

I'm convinced that you're absolutely right on both counts.

Re the sketch, the eyes are identical to the eyes in the bizarre sketch generated by the PD computer in the NC case I wrote about for VDARE (hit the link in "raceless police sketches" in this update).

Re her protection, black racists who go out of their way to harm whites always brag about it. The mind boggles at how many blacks must either know with certainty who did it, or who know the doer, and have a strong suspicion, but who have done nothing to help the police.

Anonymous said...

I'll be surprised if an arrest is made. Too much time is slipping by, for one thing. The sketch won't help much for the reasons stated above.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

"It looks like some computer-generated average of all three major racial groups."

Me again. I should have written "It looks like some computer-generated average of a female between 25-35 of all three major racial groups."

Other than that, the face is laughable for its lack of specificity. It's the kind of thing you'd show to an alien, if they wanted a generic description of a human woman of a certain age.

Well, we shall see if the fiend is caught. I give it a week or two. Someone will crack.

These boastful sadistic blacks have a huge weakness: greed. And they are so stupid they think that $5,000 is a lot of money. Five thousand, 5 million, it's all the same to them.

Anonymous said...


Same Anonymous as before.

I have a question. From various news accounts I gather that Bethany is largely deaf from a bout with meningitis as a child.

So, how reliable are her reports that the assailant said, "Pretty girl, want to drink this?" Presumably the quote is Bethany's understanding of what the fiend said. But she was reading the lips of a person who was tossing a liquid at her, no?

How do we know what the woman really said?

How do we know that Bethany even reported this, or is this some more bullshit that some leftist reporter made up?

Californian said...

OK, this is off the wall, but recently Time magazine tried to drum up support for the US war in Afghanistan with a cover photo of a mutilated woman.

Now, given that this sort of thing is happening in the USA (e.g., Storro) should we then drum up support for using the military to protect us from the perpetrators?

fj said...

This was on abc news tonight they didn't show a sketch of the perp only the victim. They didn't say the attacker was a black either.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Bethany faked the attack! Why didn't you bother to update this story?

Susan Smith, Charles Stuart, that nut who carved a backwards letter B on her face and now Starro. All examples of white people falsely accusing real or imaginary black people of crimes.

Congratulations for spreading hate.


Anonymous said...

LOL Wow I am so amazed how some white people were so sure on here that it was blacks and their greed and racist ways and blah blah all the things yall were saying that actually made YOU the racist ones WTF You guys are the racist dumba** who believe everything you read and hear before you get the facts!!! You put all black people in the same fu*ked up group but Im sure you'll just write Storro off as a bad apple in your superior race huh?

Anonymous said...

reading post about how u all saying racist crap about black people..then turns out this chic was nutts...
but noone updates the orginal blog posting lame ..just like this blog & u racist pricks.

Anonymous said...

you call yourself a journalist, you owe it to your readers to update your posts, LOL!

Nintendoll said...

You may want to update this. She's admitted to it being self-inflicted.

Anonymous said...

Wowzers! Very racist comments on here indeed! And to realize that "Ms. Cuckoo" aka Bethany Storro, purposefully bought drain cleaner from a hardware store and applied it to her own face in the hopes of either death, or at the very least, a new face, fully paid for - this should certainly make all the racist pricks feel guilty, especially for imagining anything beyond her bullshit lies. How dare SHE make up a story and blame it on a minority! If God really is watching upon you, Ms. Storro, expect the worse!