Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Adam Clayton Powell IV–The Answer to Steve Sailer’s Question

By Nicholas Stix

I was once as confused as my VDARE colleague Steve Sailer by the question of how thieving, race-hustling, womanizing Harlem preacher, civil rights leader, and congressman, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. could have a son named Adam Clayton Powell IV. The answer is that Powell Jr. named one son ACP III, and the next one ACPIV. (Powell Jr.’s fans refer to him as America’s “pre-eminent civil rights leader” of his day. Considering what a crook, racist, and womanizer he was, the title sounds about right.)

I’ll leave it to readers to analyze the psyche of a man who names not one but two sons after himself. (And that’s without even getting into George Foreman and all of his “Georges.”)


DC Handgun Info said...

Check out Michael Jackson's children:

Son: Michael Joseph Jr., known as Prince (b. 1997)
Daughter: Paris-Michael Katherine (b. 1998)
Son: Prince Michael II (a/k/a Blanket) (b. 2002)

Another celebrity egomaniac...

Anonymous said...

You might want to get your facts straight on this one. He did NOT name his 2nd son ACPIV. Do your homework. you might want to read the NYT for facts on this one.