Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Police Shoot Former Asian Male Environmental Terrorist James Jay Lee Dead, After Lee Sought to Commit Mass Murder at Discovery Channel Office

By Nicholas Stix


At 4:48 p.m. today, a police SWAT team sharpshooter shot James Jay Lee dead.

The SWAT team was observing Lee the entire time via a camera. The sharpshooter got the green light, when Lee was seen pointing his gun at one of the three men hostages.

One of the hostages was named Christopher Wood; another was named Jim McNulty. It is not presently known which hostage Lee was pointing his gun at, but all of the hostages were saved. However, law enforcement is still searching the media company’s offices for bombs and other explosive or dangerous devices, including booby traps, in order to prevent Lee from reaching beyond the grave to murder the innocent.

Lee had taken over the Discovery Channel’s Silver Spring, Maryland offices between 12:30 and 1 p.m. today, armed with a pistol, with “explosive devices strapped to his person,” and with boxes which may have contained a further explosive device or devices.

Lee had engaged since at least early 2008 in a one-man war against the nature-oriented cable TV company, employing Web sites, blogs, and demonstrations, including one in 2008 in which he was arrested for causing a dangerous situation when he threw money at pedestrians on the street.

TBD reported today,

Lee had argued that the Discovery Channel should spend more time discouraging humans from reproducing, because humans have destroyed the Earth and caused wars, and that Discovery should dedicate programming to discouraging humans from reproducing.

As my VDARE colleague James Fulford recounted earlier today, quoting a Regina Avalos from the Web site, Gather:

“The man was first identified as Asian male, but he has now been identified as James Jay Lee.” That’s a very peculiar way of putting it. ... he’s still an Asian male.

Regina Avalos; remember that name! She’s got a rosy future as an MSM propagandist. After all, you can’t be a terrorist or a mass murderer, unless you’re a “privileged, white, heterosexual male.”

James Jay Lee, the man formerly known as an "Asian male."
Look for Avalos’ ilk to also refer to Lee as an “alleged” taker of hostages/alleged litterer/victim of discrimination/whatever.

(My thanks go out to reader-researcher RC, for help on this story.)

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