Friday, September 24, 2010

One of Eve Carson’s Killers Gets Sentenced to Life Until Parole


Eve Carson

By Nicholas Stix

Late last night, my reader-researcher David in TN wrote,

Today, one of Eve Marie Carson’s killers, Demario James Atwater, 24, was sentenced to “life without parole” in federal court. He recently received the same sentence in state court. Both were the result of plea bargains.

Miss Carson was the student body president of the University of North Carolina. For some mysterious reason, the sentencing was covered locally only.

The other suspect, Lawrence Lovette Jr., not only has yet to be tried, but two and a half years after the murder, no trial date has even been set. Lovett was 17 at the time of the murder.

Atwater apologized to Eve Carson’s parents. “I wish to say personally I’m sorry for everything that has happened,” he told them. Eve Carson’s family said they chose not to speak in court or confront Atwater. At Atwater’s May sentencing in state court, they issued a statement supporting a life sentence because “it honors Eve’s love of life and all people.”

DeMario James Atwater
“Atwater … was also ordered to pay $212,947.10 in restitution and to undergo treatment for substance abuse…”

I wouldn’t hold my breath, waiting for Atwater to pay the restitution money.

Actually, since Eve Carson was probably a communist, it’s unlikely that she loved “all people.” (She spent a semester studying in Cuba.) And yet, she was certainly a formidable figure, a double-major in biology (i.e., pre-med) and political science of seemingly boundless energy, who charmed people wherever she went, not the least through a gift for goofy improvisation that expressed itself in, for instance, whispering to a friend in “secret agent jargon” that she had made up on the spot, as they walked through a dim airport corridor in the Bahamas.

Atwater (and allegedly Lovette) murdered her on March 5, 2008.

Note Atwater’s use of the passive voice: “I’m sorry for everything that has happened,” not “I’m sorry for everything that I did.”

Atwater’s attorney, Kimberly Stevens, is even more rhetorically gifted. Out of one side of her mouth, she said, “Today was about accepting responsibility,” while out of the other side, she depicted the cold-blooded carjacker-kidnapper-robber-murderer as a victim of the system:

…she feels her client was failed by several systems – none of which, she emphasized, excused murder.

“There’s a lot of social issues in the case, issues about the department of social services, child protective services’ involvement with this family, the probation and parole issues that the press repeatedly raised and talked about,” Stevens said. “But we decided – he decided – that wasn’t appropriate for today.”

Abhijit Mahato
Lawrence Alvin Lovette Jr. has also been charged with robbing and murdering Abhijit Mahato, 29, a Duke Ph.D. engineering candidate from India, on January 18, 2008, just two days after Lovette had received “a two-year suspended sentence for misdemeanor larceny and breaking and entering and was placed on probation,” for crimes he had committed in November, 2007.

Atwater shot Carson once in the face with a shotgun, at the same time that Lovette allegedly shot her four times with a pistol.

In the Mahato murder, Lovette allegedy placed a pillow on Mahato’s face and fired through it, using it as silencer, killing him with one shot through the forehead.

Lawrence Lovette Jr.
According to Mahato’s adviser, engineering professor Tod Laursen, he was “intellectually curious, kind and outgoing.”

“He made friends very easily and always had a smile on his face. Our research team was particularly close to Abhijit. He was very well read in both poetry and literature, and enjoyed conversation with others about what they were reading.”

There has been no word on Lawrence Alvin Lovette Jr.’s literary tastes.

If the charges against Lovette hold up, it would mean that he murdered two people a mere 46 days apart. Although that would entail that he is a super-predator with the savvy of a veteran criminal (e.g., for using the pillow-as-silencer technique), because he was only 17 at the time of the two murders, he would not be eligible for the death penalty. Then again, black super-predators today almost never get the death penalty, no matter how heinous their crimes.

Recent years have seen waves of violent crime committed by racist blacks against white and Asian college students and personnel both on campus, and in nearby neighborhoods known to be full of residents and visitors from campus. Since colleges not only refuse to warn people about this violent reality, but engage in institutionalized disinformation campaigns actively misleading their own people, as well as the public about black racism and black crime, racist black predators correctly see such areas as holding bins full of easy prey.


Anonymous said...

I just saw this account ( in The Daily Tarheel.

Atwater is going to serve the two "life" sentences "at the same time," which means concurrent rather than consecutive.

According to Lynne Klauer, spokeswoman for the court, Atwater could be allowed a five-year supervised release during the life sentences.

When you titled this piece "Life Until Parole" you weren't kidding.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

How can two blacks shoot a beautiful, brilliant, privileged White Girl who ran for student body president on the Diversity Housing Initiative bona fides, and not be charged with a Hate Crime?

Because their victim was White.

But how do you know it was an inter racial hate crime?

Because the blacks KNEW she was White. Blacks always know their White victims are White. That's how you know all black on White crimes are Hate Crimes.

That truth will become universally recognized on the Day of Racial Reckoning.

tyhz1995 said...

Things like this make me angry and sad simultaneously.I cannot begin to understand why we whites are expected to view blacks as benign equals when the facts show otherwise.Many of these crimes show deep seated hatred for whites,for example violence accompanying robbery.These jerks didn't need to kill that young woman.When one recalls Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom and the Wichita massacre one realizes that we need to deal differently with these "people".Mr.Stix I like your site keep up the good work.-Tyler

Californian said...

The UNC Chapel Hill-Duke U-Research Triangle area was once a relatively liberal, trendy community with an active nightlife. It also seemed relatively "safe." Is the liberal establishment there now feeling a bit uneasy?

One wonders what happened to the university lynch mob which went after the three Duke U lacrosse players who were falsely accused of rape? Did the faculty form a committee of 88 to demand justice for Miss Carson? Did feminists march in the streets? Have professors used the Carson case as an example of the disproportionate black-on-White crime rates? Did male feminists thump their chests to protect Eve Carson's life?

In the bigger picture: will Chapel Hill become another once decent place which will be trashed? Years ago, there was a "gang-related" shooting in Westwood, the university town outside of UCLA. Westwood was once a popular night spot. But after the shooting, that was all became a ghost town. All it took was one gang-related killing to ethnically cleanse the place.

The thing I look for in these cases is the political dimension. Were these murders part of an ethnic cleansing of Whites/Asians? Perhaps an attack on high-IQ by the low? Is there some unconscious, perhaps even genetic level, motivation here? And is all this being egged on by PC propaganda about blacks resisting White "oppression."

Perhaps there was a time when the (White) men of the community might have stood up against this sort of thing. But can't do's racism. And with feminism becoming a dominant ideology on campus, men are being removed from their "traditional role" of protecting the community. So it's doubtful we would see any sort of armed self defense here.

Most universities have policies against carrying guns, even in right-to-carry states. Guns make loud noises which scare feminists -- especially feminist males!

When all is said and done, this case is one more example of a one sided race war. One wonders what future generations will have to say?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Even after the Diversity Curse killed their beautiful, brilliant, blonde, blue eyed, and very White daughter, they still pledged allegiance to the voodoo fetish of Inclusive Tolerance.

How can White Humanity survive the degenerating mongerlization of our former White Republic when even our best and brightest elites concede so readily? Why do we atomically run up the white flag of surrender? What other race does that, besides the French? Now even the Germans are infected, per Merkel's chiding the Teutons on their distaste of seeing mosque's everywhere.

Why do Whites like the Carsons agree that they should not even complain about the genocide against us?

If Eve Carson could come back and speak to us, would she agree that her murder was "the right thing to do" so her White parents to lecture us all on "loving all people."

Do her parents love all people enough to put pictures of Atwater and Lovette next to Eve and Jesus upon the family shrine?

If negro thugs can kill your daughter and then you do not feel enough bitterness to use the pain to warn other White parents about how their White daughters are targeted for robbery, maybe rape, and definitely murder, then something is terribly wrong with you. You are insane and need extreme therapy.

The Carsons are derelict in their duty to use their platform to indict Integration, Civil Rights, and the Diversity Privilege that keeps genocidal thugs out of jail.

The Eve Carson Murder, just like the Knoxville Horror, is indispensible in teaching our White girls the horrible racial realities forced upon them by the worship of Rosa Liar Parks and Michael King Fake Reverend.

The good news is that I drove through an Atlanta Coast Conference campus yesterday, a game day, and of the thousands of Whites I saw, maybe only two were in the company of blacks, and not a single White college girl was with anybody other than Whites. They all looked happy and moralized. I felt like I was back in the good old days. Surely, some mongrel officer of Diversity and Inclusion saw the same thing I did and is now furiously writing a complain letter to the campus newspaper.

I then later walked through an in town urban arts festival, and interracial breeding was on full display. So may ugly White women were pushing strollers containing ugly mulatto babies that I was sickened in my core. My heart sank for our future. We see so much race mixing these days, that when do see a pure White couple and a beautiful White baby, you hear the Voice of Progress in your head say, "Yes, but they are obviously racists who committed a hate crime against human dignity by bringing another racist White baby into the world, which is something that everyone can agree we just don't need right now."

No wonder Jesus hasn't come back yet. He knows how bad it is down here, and he has no hope that we'll improve.

CokeWave said...

and white women like black men cuz we have bigger dicks then white men get over it we been fuckin your bitches for centuries now get over u brought us 2 this country enslaved we're gonna fuck your wives..sorry! :)

Anonymous said...

Race has nothing to do with this. There is no big talk of race when a young white man walks into a movie theater and shoots up his fellow white counterparts...or when one walks into an elementary school full of innocent babies and shoots up innocent 5 and 6 year olds with their teachers. Evil has no color. Anyone making this about race is just as ignorant as those who committed this crime. Blacks kill blacks, whites kill whites, Asians kill Asians and sadly...all races kill each other. It has been this way from the beginning of time. Though I know this comment will probably not change any ignorant thinking the very least have enough respect for this beautiful young white woman to look at the bigger picture instead of hiding behind a computer spewing racists crap that's doing nothing to change a life. At least SHE did something with her life. More than sit behind a computer spewing hate. It's sad to know how much racism really does still exist in todays world. This killing was senseless and ignorant as is any other killing be it black on white, white on black or otherwise. At the end of the day, when she hit the ground, the blood that poured out of her is the same that runs through all of us. Keep her family in your prayers and work to help the community instead of spreading racist hate like this. This is the type of stuff that fuels the fire. You all should be shame, this is NOT honoring her memory at all. May God have mercy on your souls and purify your minds and hearts to compassion and truth.

Nicholas said...

Anonymous Coward(Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 2:06:00 AM EST),

You're a liar, a moron, and a racist. The murder of Eve Carson wasn't "senseless," it was an act of racist evil. You lie about the racist evil behind murders like this, but accuse me "of spreading racist hate." I don't know whether that makes you wicked or evil. The Boss says that people who do awful things short of murder are wicked, rather than evil, but I'm not so sure in the case of cowards like you, and I don't know if she'd be so sure, either.