Monday, September 20, 2010

Four More Victims of Racism


Victims: top: “Delightful” Deonte Bennett (left), Niesha Taylor; bottom: Sonya Smith (left), Lisa Justin.

By Nicholas Stix

The four sexually ambiguous people pictured above are racism’s (and genderism's?) newest victims, arrested by San Mateo County authorities, and charged with seeking to defraud the county out of aid designated for victims of the deadly gas explosion in San Bruno.

See the American Renaissance posting, “San Bruno Scams: Officials Watch for ‘Vermin.’”

Deonte Bennett has had an especially bad time, being racially profiled by law enforcement:

.... Bennett, who listed himself as an Oakland resident, is well-known to San Francisco police, and is named in a city anti-gang injunction that restricts his movements in the Oakdale public housing development in Bayview-Hunters Point.

In January 2009 Bennett was charged with plotting to kill a 23-year-old San Francisco woman, but pleaded guilty to assault and got probation after the case unraveled.

Earlier, Bennett was accused of murder in the 2005 slaying of an alleged gang member, 20-year-old Arkeylius Collins. A bystander wounded in the attack, Terrell Rollins, cooperated with prosecutors and agreed to enter a witness protection program.

Authorities warned Rollins not to visit the city unguarded, but he was shot to death in May 2006 when he brought his car to a repair shop on Bayshore Boulevard. No one has ever been charged with the killing, which forced prosecutors to free Bennett and his co-defendant.

Bennett’s attorney, Joe O’Sullivan, said Bennett is a “delightful young man.”

“I’m sure it’s just a big mistake,” O’Sullivan said of the DMV arrest, “and he’ll be absolved of any wrongdoing.”

Always keeping the black man down!

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