Sunday, September 12, 2010

George Leroy Baker III, Another of the Legion of Whites Who “Have No Memorial; Who are Perished, as Though They Had Never been; and

are Become as Though They Had Never been Born.”
By Nicholas Stix


George Leroy Baker III

(Regarding my title, see here.)

Three days ago, I published “In Lynchburg, Virginia, Still Another ‘Random’ Act,” on the racist murder of 81-year-old George Leroy Baker III in Lynchburg, Virginia, by three black teenagers. The widowed patriarch had traveled with his family cross country from Tempe, Arizona, to attend the wedding of his granddaughter, the former Leslie Baker. Mr. Baker was murdered on Lynchburg's Main Street, only hours after the wedding reception in his hotel, while walking from there to a restaurant for dinner.

Later on Friday, American Renaissance excerpted the Lynchburg News & Advance story, “Three Teens Arrested in Downtown Beating Death,” that I had analyzed in my article. Unsurprisingly, AmRen readers had some powerful observations on the crime. They always do. I have excerpted the comments that I found to be the best, and hope AmRen editor-publisher Jared Taylor won’t be too irritated by my poaching.

Several commenters noted the obscene use by the News & Advance reporters of the word "bravado" to describe the character of the first 16-year-old attacker, part of a gang of at least five racist thugs, for attacking a lone, 81-year-old man. (But at least, the N&Aers identified the attackers' race!)

My only disagreement is with a few commenters' emphasis on "low I.Q." I.Q. has no more to do with attacks like this than poverty does. Retarded people and rocket scientists alike know the difference between right and wrong. This was a case of pure evil.

8 — AmericanNationalist wrote at 8:29 PM on September 10:

This racist hit-and-run bares a close resemblance to the hit-and-run attacks committed by Somalians in St. Paul Minnesota.

15 — Old White Jim wrote at 1:22 AM on September 11:

About fifteen or twenty years ago, back when stories like this one still had some shock value, I looked forward to the day that such atrocities would become so common that civilized people would feel enough outrage to make the hard choices that would end the ridiculous social experiments that put us in close proximity with dangerous people.

Well, here’s where fifteen or twenty years have taken us: The atrocities are an everyday occurrence in every city; the social experiments are still thriving; the vermin are still in close proximity to us, no matter how many times or how far we move; and the outrage that should have ended it all years ago never happened.

I have heard many theories explaining why we are where we’re at. One of them was that the hippies grew up and put some kind of hormones in the water supply that turned most males of the historical majority of America into girly men.

Ridiculous, you say? That’s what I say, too. But it did start me to thinking. The hippies did grow up, but they didn’t put anything in the water. They have, however, managed to put themselves in positions to influence the minds of the young and the gullible. The progressive ideas that have been gently force-fed to every open mind through the education system and the media for 40 years are exactly the same Utopian nonsense I heard hippies talking about in college in the seventies.

I thought culling the hippies was a good idea back then, and I think it’s a great idea now. Their grand Utopia of love and understanding is a place where octogenarians are beaten to death by ungovernable criminals who, as likely as not, were brought into this world for the sole purpose of getting their mothers a raise on their welfare checks.

Hippies are deeply entrenched in grade schools, colleges, unions and community organizations that seek to lift up our largely ineducable underclass. Get rid of the hippies and we can change the rules in such a way as to keep them away from civilized people.

12 — Wasn't Racist Until They Made Me wrote at 9:30 PM on September 10:

Imagine growing up during the Depression, possibly fighting in WWII (if he lied about his age), maybe Korea, seeing your nation develop jet technology, fly into space on rockets and land on the moon, then slowly watch it all go to hell as it’s slowly given away by your spoiled children and their descendants to the people that finally snuff you out.

This makes me sick to my stomach.

George Leroy Baker III, with his granddaughter, Leslie Baker Gahagan, at her wedding reception, only hours before he would be murdered.

24 — AvgDude wrote at 11:31 AM on September 11:

No doubt the police brass and the local news editors are hard at work making sure that any cop who says this incident may be racial gets fired and smeared as a racist in the press.

14 — Eric wrote at 12:28 AM on September 11:

After the lawyers get through with them the cowardly youths will be portrayed as the victims of a racist justice and educational system designed to keep them down.

Perhaps they will even go with the “he called me the n-word” defense. Stories like this are an example of why liberalism combined with a large black population is more dangerous than any foreign enemy. We are supposedly fighting a “war on terror”, but cases like this are nothing if not domestic terrorism and should be treated as such.

22 — Whiteman wrote at 10:34 AM on September 11:

“there have been so many similar black on white beatings and killings it would be possible to fill a book writing of them all”.

I’m reminded of an old political cartoon. It showed president bush reaching out to a sea of black hands in SAfrica, and shaking the one solitary white hand of the bunch. The caption read, “always there to lend a hand”.

There will be a book about this incident. And a ‘call to action’ and a discussion among all concerned people everywhere. Except the book and the legacy sold will be filled have black victims of white hate, the astronomically smaller (but only mentionable) occurrence. Anything else would be ‘hate’ and racism.

25 — Craig wrote at 2:25 PM on September 11:

Anonymous 8:03pm:

You make a good point about cowardice. I was in a restaurant/bar earlier this year, I would say it was the latter part of May. There were a number of people in the place. The vast majority were White. However, there were two young Black men. I would say that they were in their early 20s.

Just by looking at them, you could see that they had ATTITUDE written all over them. This was confirmed when one of the men started mouth off at another customer (A young White man) who apparently, accidentally cut in front of him at the bar. This guy (the White guy) was probably somewhere slightly over 6’0 feet, 220lbs well built and looked very athletic. The Black guy, in contrast, was very diminutive in stature, probably no more than 5’6, 150lbs at the most if soaked with water.

They Black started making disrespectful comments toward the guy. Suddenly, the guy took the little Black punk, grabbed him around the neck, threw him the bar table, jacked him up again, pinned him against a wall,demanded that he retract what he said and told him he would f***ing kill him. He made some other comments as well. Guess what the so-called bad, Black young face was filled with terror. He backed down and apologized.

It is these sort of punk Blacks who target Whites (especially White men) they believe will not fight back. In fact, I think most Black men (including the little twerp I mentioned),are conditioned to believe that no Whites will stand up to them and thus they fell they can get away with such appalling behavior.

I was so glad that this young White man stood up for himself and put the punk in his place. I hope more Whites begin to do the same.

20 — WHC wrote at 8:34 AM on September 11:

A very large percentage of blacks absolutely hate white people. Based upon my own lifetime of experience (30 years in corrections), I would put that number at 50% or higher of all blacks harboring intense racial hatred towards whites. Many of the blacks who don’t hate whites are sympathetic or non-judgemental of those who do. I base my opinion, not just on observing black criminals, but also on my observation of hundreds of black co-workers over the years. This phenomena has a horrific impact on whites; yet the major media have chosen to ignore and even hide this sorry state of affairs. The late Mr.Baker (may God rest his soul) is the but the most recent martyr in the ongoing race war against whites. This race war against whites has been going on for the last half century. I hope this tragedy is a wake-up call for Mr. Baker’s family and the rest of the decent, law abiding citizens in this country.

16 — elitist wrote at 3:43 AM on September 11:

For the first 45 years of my life, I was the rock solid liberal people here make fun of.

But reality - the moronic, violent, chaotic behavior of so many blacks - kept crashing through my defenses, and finally, I realized I had been lying all along:

There are plenty of admirable and honorable blacks, and plenty of scuzzball whites, but on the whole, blacks in the US have devolved into a kind of mindless mob, and and most blacks dream of only one thing:

Escaping from their own kind.

Blacks suffer from low cognitive ability and low impulse control, and could never have been integrated as a group into European societies.

Denial of the most obvious racial differences have led to catastrophe, including the ruining of dozens of great American cities.

There should be a running number posted somewhere representing the number of whites killed and maimed by blacks in the US over the past 50 years.

Could be very educational for liars like the one I used to be.


Anonymous said...

There still haven't been any news updates about the Pearcy massacre from the Arkansas media outlets.

David In TN

Californian said...

Interesting point from one commentator about the hippies running the show. The mindset of Western opinion makers is that of a Children's Crusade, a march to self-destruction in the name of glittering ideals. One is reminded of the Amy Biehl incident -- one can can conclude that only a suicidal ideology would have led her to walk into her own murder, and then have her parents embrace the killers.

The history of the last several decades is that of the miserable failure of the hippie ideal to work in reality--just witness the self-destruction of black-ruled Africa in the name of peace, love, majority rule, and anti-apartheid. Or for that matter, the self-destruction of America's inner cities in the name of those same hippie ideals.

The utter failure of the policies of the 1960s has gone completely by the boards. The ideological delusion becomes ever stronger. Welcome to the Hippie-Matrix.

Nicholas Stix said...

Thanks, David.

Vanishing American said...

Thanks for these posts. Few blogs have covered this or discussed it at all, it seems. Things like this seem to have become so commonplace that there is no longer any shock value to them, which is sad.

As to the AmRen comments, specifically the post about ''hippies'', that same person tends to include ''hippies'' in all his posts; to him, they are the source of all the problems of today, just as for one other AmRen regular, The Christians are the cause of all the ills of multiculturalism and the death of the West.

But just to point out some facts, the baby-boomers (whom most people assume were all ''hippies'') were born starting in the mid-40s and did not come into any kind of political power until around the early 90s, with Bill and Hillary Clinton being the most visible and powerful examples. They were actually hippies, which many baby-boomers were not. Few if any baby-boomers sat in Congress, or in high positions anywhere until at least the 80s. Remember the 'Greatest Generation' and the 'Silent Generation' were holding the reins back then. So no, the rot started to set in much earlier, with the 20s and 30s being a time when the Left really became powerful, though still mostly covert.

Anonymous said...

would this horrible crime be less so if the perpetrators were white?


what if Mr. Baker were black?

Nicholas said...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 7:25:00 PM EDT:

"Anonymous said...

"would this horrible crime be less so if the perpetrators were white?"

This crime doesn't happen with white perpetrators. It was a classic, black-on-white racist murder. Blacks do the stomp on whites every day.

"what if Mr. Baker were black?"

See above.