Friday, September 24, 2010

Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome “Gunman” Wounds 3, Kills Himself in Nebraska Workplace Shooting

By Nicholas Stix

“26-year-old Akouch Kashoual of Lincoln.”

That’s how two AP reports by Margery A. Beck, Josh Funk, and Nelson Lampe describe the gunman who opened fire in Americold Logistics’ lunchroom at 9:50 p.m. during Wednesday’s evening shift, wounding three colleagues (here and here).

Akouch Kashoual may have been staying in Lincoln, but he wasn’t of Lincoln.

Fortunately, the only person whom Kashoual killed (so far) was himself. He stepped outside, and shot himself in the head.

The three people wounded all work at the plant and live in Crete, [Saline County Attorney Tad] Eickman said.

The most seriously wounded, 40-year-old Elizabeth Canas, was taken by helicopter about 30 miles from Crete to Lincoln late Wednesday night with 11 gunshot wounds to her torso and arm.

Dr. Reginald Burton, a trauma surgeon at BryanLGH Medical Center West in Lincoln, said the injuries to her liver, spleen, colon, diaphragm, kidney and arm required surgery that lasted all night. By Thursday afternoon, she was listed in critical condition and had not fully regained consciousness.

Burton said a second victim, 23-year-old Renee Villareal, was shot four times and had surgery. He was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon.

A third victim, 42-year-old Paul Rivera, was treated at a Crete hospital and released Thursday.

“Doctor: Workers in Neb. plant shot several times,” by Margery A. Beck, Josh Funk, and Nelson Lampe, AP/Salon, September 23, 2010, 19:24 EST.

The initial AP report provided no background on “Akouch Kashoual of Lincoln,” but a follow-up report by the same AP team tells us that Kashoual was a Sudanese immigrant with a green card.

In this crime, two factors bisect: Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome and Moslem mens’ treatment of women. My VDARE colleague, Brenda Walker, has repeatedly emphasized both the emotional strains that immigration can have on a person, particularly on certain personality types, and the tender mercies that Moslem men routinely visit upon the feminine sex. (Having lived for over five years in West Germany, during which time I could never afford to come home for a visit, I can personally attest to the strains of immigrant life.)

The initial AP report provides background information on Americold Logistics:
The Americold facility is a couple of miles south of Crete and next to a Farmland Foods plant. Both were locked down immediately after the shooting, although authorities don't believe the gunman ventured onto Farmland property. By Thursday morning, both plants had reopened.

A worker who answered a phone at the Farmland plant Thursday declined to comment.

Americold also has facilities in Fremont and Grand Island, Neb. The company's website describes it as the largest temperature-controlled food storage network in the U.S., with about 100 facilities nationwide. Food producers, distributors and retailers rely on temperature-controlled warehouses to protect the products they sell.

“Gunman wounds 3, kills himself in Nebraska workplace shooting,” by Margery A. Beck, Josh Funk, and Nelson Lampe, Associated Press/The Grand Forks Herald, September 23, 2010.

In other words, Americold provides jobs in the same economic sector, and to the same socio-economic groups as meatpacking, jobs which Americans used to do, in order to provide a working and lower-middle class life for their families, until employers in those fields simultaneously slashed wages and benefits by over 50%, and feloniously shipped in illegal aliens from south of the border, in order to get rid of their American workforce. The employers and their mouthpieces, such as George W. Bush, then declared that these were “Jobs that Americans won’t do.”

More recently, employers, the Refugee Industry, and the federal government have conspired to bring in thousands of primitive Moslem immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, a new “pliant” work force, which as Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch has amply documented, has not only robbed American citizens of jobs, but caused nothing but trouble in the workplace.

Ms. Canas, who is clinging to life with 11 gunshot wounds, was clearly the primary target of Kashoual’s wrath, suggesting the possibility that sexual rage was at work.

Note that Kashoual was not alone in this country, what with relatives here, but that did not keep him on the straight and narrow. Moslems from anywhere are already completely hostile to the American way of life, based on their religion and culture, and the Sudan is one of the most primitive places on the face of the earth.

We are importing evil, when we already produce a bumper crop, domestically.

(I thank reader-researcher Stan Sipple, who provided me with the first AP story and the headline.)

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