Friday, September 17, 2010

Bethany Storro Admits to Hoax; Splashed Acid on Her Own Face

By Nicholas Stix

My reader-researcher David in TN alerted me to this last night at 8 p.m. I’ll have more to say on the matter later. Needless to say, haters of whites and Christians of all races and religions have been enjoying endless orgasms of self-righteousness, since the news broke.


Anonymous said...

You are still credulous to racial lies, which is why your comment is so short. You wanted to accuse a negro ghost and now, you're looking stupid. Glad I'm Mexican; you people have always used blacks as scapegoats and you still want to convince yourself that this smut didn't have chemical imbalance. What's wrong with white people always accusing others of their misfortunes?

Anonymous said...

Just face it, you don't research properly, your website is obsolete, and that whore lied. No way in hell was La Raza contributing anything to this basketcase. As a writer, you shouldn't rely on others' information but your own. Take this as a lesson and stop jumping the gun. Your website is not doing well because you don't seek truths, only what sounds credible to you. call yourself a blogger, wow!

Jonne Austin said...

Yes, we anxiously await your response to this.

I laugh at your willingness to jump on the bandwagon. How utterly foolish of you... I don't know if I should pity you or subscribe just to have a bit of fun at your expense.

OnMainStreet said...

I wonder if the three self-righteous posters above were so high and mighty about wrongs of jumping to conclusions when the Tawana Brawley Rape and the Duke Rape cases broke in the MSM. Or did they join the legions of blacks and Liberals and their Media in condemning the accused before they were found to be hoaxes. And did they take the time to write and condemn Al Sharpton, DA Mike Nifong, the New Black Panthers and the many Liberal Commentators in the MSM for rushing to judgment??

Of all the race hoaxes, the vast majority are committed by blacks and other minorities AGAINST whites, with little to no outrage from the majority of blacks or Liberals that whites people were falsely accused.

Instead the black racist accuser is usually given a pat on the back for creating a fake incident that can now be used as a teachable moment about the evils of white racism and what might have been (but never was).

So here is a real one that just happened to replace the old one that didn't, and this one has been confirmed:

St. Louis Park Woman Suffers Battery Acid Attack

Mpls. Man Admits to Dousing Woman With Acid

No word or photo as to the race of the victim as the police and the media so far are keeping it from the public view.

Let's see how much time the Liberal media gives THIS news story.

Anonymous said...

The three self-righteous posters above and the liberal media (if they notice at all) will likely blame the confirmed Minneapolis attack on Storro. They will say that "white racism" forced him into copycat behavior.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot.