Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bethany Storro: “Hey Pretty Girl, Do You Want to Drink This?” In Vancouver, Washington, Another Raceless Attacker

Bethany Storro, before the acid attack on her.

By Nicholas Stix

About 7 p.m. Monday evening, 28-year-old Bethany Storro was just getting something out of her car, near a Starbuck’s, where she was going to have some coffee. Last fall, she’d gotten a divorce, and had recently come to Vancouver, to start a new life… not to end one.

A raceless “young woman” came along and said, “Hey, pretty girl. How are you? Would you like a drink of this?”

Storro sensed that something wasn’t right, and said, “No, thanks,” but the stranger threw a Styrofoam cup full of “an extremely strong acid” in her face. Storro closed her eyes tightly, as the acid burned her face, and made holes in her blouse.

Bethany Storro, after the acid attack.

Had Storro not donned sunglasses 20 minutes earlier for the first time, she would likely have lost her sight. She suffered severe burns and excruciating pain, and is presently in the Oregon Burn Center at Portland’s Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, where yesterday she had the first of what will surely be many operations, as doctors try to save her face.

The MSNBC story that my reader-researchers W and David in TN sent me, was cut off after the sentence fragment, “‘I am so disgusted with society right now!’ Storro’s brother, Abraham Neuwelt of Seattle, said on his,” with no description of Bethany Storro’s attacker. Thus wrote David, “Another Raceless Attacker.”

A dangerous, racist monster is on the loose, but God forbid the House of Olbermann should contribute to her being stopped, or offend The Society for the Protection of Raceless Acid Throwers.

Only if one hits a tab saying, “Show more text,” does one learn, in the last of 17 paragraphs,

Police said the assailant was described as a black woman between 25 and 35, who wore a green shirt and khaki shorts, The Columbian reported. She had medium-length black hair that was pulled back.

In The Columbian, John Branton reported,
A Vancouver woman suffered severe burns Monday night when someone threw a caustic liquid in her face in an attack so unusual that a veteran police detective said he hadn’t heard of such a thing in 30 years working in Vancouver.

“I’m a nice girl and I don’t know why this happened,” Bethany Storro, 28, said Tuesday in her hospital room in the Oregon Burn Center at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland.

Unfortunately, over the past generation, hundreds of thousands of nice white girls have endured horrible ordeals that they should never have had to experience, and that their forbears, living in a more just country, didn't have to endure. And more and more 30-year-men like Detective Cpl. Wally Stefan of the Vancouver Police Department are seeing things like this for the first time… and then for the second … and the third…

The deeply religious Storro, who works at a local church as worship leader and administrative assistant, is going to need every bit of her Christian faith.

At least, John Branton did not seek to hide the perpetrator’s description.

The authrities haven't even raised race, in order to engage in their routine denial of it as a possible motivation.

Bethany Storro’s mother, Nancy Neuwelt, said, “I mean, who wakes up in the morning and says, ‘I’m going to go burn somebody’s face’?”

Unfortunately, more and more racist black women are doing just that. If it isn’t burning a white’s face, it’s slashing it, or committing some other sort of atrocity. And unless a black woman uses a gun in the commission of a crime, or sells drugs (for the moment), she can be pretty sure that she will likely serve little or no time for her crimes. Not that there weren't already more than enough black men doing horrible things to pretty white women's faces.

Integral to black racism is not just hating whites, or merely robbing them, or even simply murdering them, but torturing and disfiguring them. And those blacks who do not carry out such heinous acts, increasingly support them.

I encountered this evil first-hand in June, 1993, when a racist, 18-year-black girl on a Manhattan subway platform called me “n----r,” as a prelude to attempting to shred my face with a scissors. I blocked her shot, and got a superficial defensive wound. (Thank goodness, for modern, snub-nosed scissors!) In spite of the photograph that police had taken of my bloody hand, and a corroborating police report by a witness unknown to me, racist DA Robert Morgenthau’s office treated me as if I were the criminal. (My attacker claimed that I had called her a “n----r,” but the ADAs had to know better.)

But the so-called Right also lies about, and suppresses the truth about racial attacks.

In this case, a “conservative” blogger named JoAnne Thomas, writing at served up a steaming hot bowl of euphemism soup. Some of her nonsense, with my responses, which Thomas completely censored, follow:

Bethany Storro, 28, became a victim of random, perhaps gang related violence...

Gimme a break. It wasn’t random, it was racial. And in black-on-white attacks, “gang related” and “gang initiation” have become euphemisms for racially motivated attacks. Sure it was a gang initiation: The initiate had to maim a white.

“Once again, we’re treated to man’s inhumanity to man.”

Try, blacks’ inhumanity to whites.

Such euphemisms are about 50 years late, and $10 trillion short. I serve up fresh journalism, without the euphemisms. Too many whites of both sexes are being raped, maimed, and murdered, to offer less than the truth. And the attacks are increasingly being carried out by black females. Time is running out. (I appended this blog’s URL.)

* * *

That we’ve got the Left and the Right both doing the Devil’s handiwork does not make the prospects for stopping black racism very promising.

Thanks to my reader-researchers W and David in TN.


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Californian said...

Assuming the case is as you have described, one is reminded of the sort of thing that goes in the new and improved rainbow country of South Africa. There, black on White crime is a low level form of ethnic cleansing.

Let me raise a point: we are told by liberals that back in the days of segregation blacks were treated horridly by Whites. Liberals also tell us that the reason "hate crime" laws can be applied against Whites but not against blacks is owing to the "historical context."

Now, it would be interesting to take the inter-racial violent crime statistics from those days and compare them with those of today. If the historical context is such that the majority of these kinds of crimes are black on White, then does this perhaps offer a revisionist view of history? That maybe segregation was a defensive move by Whites, in the same way that apartheid was a move to preserve the safety of Whites in South Africa in the old days?

Of course, at this point the PC propaganda machine will crank up with the usual blacks-were-slaves-segregated-lynched-excluded and thus are justified in these acts of outrage against the oppressors, blah blah blah.

Translated into English: "Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide."

NiviusVir said...

How can this story not make you sick to your stomach?

Thanks for giving it the attention it deserves, Nicholas.

I believe we have to all be on this story like a swarm of bees.


Anonymous said...

I've just seen two segments about this case on HLN. The first was on the Prime News program at 6 pm ET and the second on the Jane Velez Mitchell (with a guest host) show right after. The second lasted 15 minutes.

Neither gave a description of the attacker.

David In TN

Chuck said...

Hi Nicholas:

I came across your post through a Google search, and wanted to share a link with you where I discuss the same case:

The Katie Piper case in England was the first instance I had heard of acid attacks occuring among non-third world people, and it is no coincidence that it was perpetuated by Piper's black ex-boyfriend. In fact, of the only other cases I could find of acid attacks in the Western sphere, all of them involved black attackers. Funny, that.

This stems from jealousy, but the Storro case is even more disturbing because it shows how a black woman can act randomly against what she perceives as the white woman's superior attractiveness. Acid attacks are purely crimes of jealousy; where they are random and perpetuated by black women, the victim will almost assuredly be white.

Nice post.

jeigheff said...

I'm really sorry that Ms. Storro had suffered injuries to the extent that she has. I don't say this to diminish what her attacker did to her, but I thank the Lord that she wasn't injured more seriously. I've seen some chilling photos of Islamic women who have had acid thrown in their faces. It looks like a living hell.

I pray that Ms. Storro's attacker is brought to justice soon: if not man's justice, then God's.

Anonymous said...

Not only were you all wrong, Mr. Stix and friends, about what actually took place in Washington, but you are probably also incapable of seeing how your .....

Forget it .... why bother ....

Anonymous said...

Raceless Attacker just so happens to be a white woman attacking psychotic can one be?

Anonymous said...

The "raceless" attacker turned out to be an "nonexistant" attacker.

It was a hoax and Nicolas Stix fell for it big time.

watch jersey shore said...

Wow I cant believe this happened.. its sad.. hopefuly she is doing better now!

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for you, Nicky. You got all riled up and motivated to stop a "black female racist" only to find out that Bethany Storro was lying. You poor thing. Storro is in a mental hospital trying to piece her life together but I wonder if she called you and all her other protectors to apologize. You and thousands like you are lighting quick to try and convict a whole section of people based on hearsay from a troubled mind. It becomes a "black women are jealous" or "practicing ethinic cleansing" all because of one little lie. Its people like you who are the real baddies you get people all worked up and ready to act without considering the source of the information. Then you want to cry for this poor woman and give her money for her suffering, she raised like $28000 from people who were just too sure that she was a victim of black hatred. $28000 from people just like you,that got sucked into a vicious lie and you furthered the lie via race baiting on the internet. You probably made up your subway story too. It just goes to show that if you want right wingers to fall for somethng hook line and sinker be white, a victim and blame it on a black person. Its a shame you are a really good writer. Too bad you wasted it on this!

Flanders said...

Just to set the record straight on this older story, since it has never been reflected on this thread, and because at least one of the last commenters seemed to be so gleeful that the tide had appeared to have been turned into an expose' against White commenters, who had found the facts to be so deplorable. Most new readers who happen across the comments will just accept as true that White commenters were contritely in error, but that just is not the true story.

Once this crime had been revealed to be a hoax by "Ms. Storro", all the media had been keen to pass it off as being White racism against black America. MSNBC, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, and several other jewish-led media posts evaded all mention of Bethany Storro's -aka Neuwelt’s - jewishness and were instead pounding away at White America. They also did not mention that her sister, Willow, was married to a black man, Scott Maurice. Her parents are Nancy and Joseph Neuwelt and her brother, Abraham Neuwalt. Why would the press have wanted to hide almost all of that?