Thursday, September 23, 2010

Race, Rape, and Riots: “Because They Nicked Themselves Shaving”: Robert Lindsay Performs a Thought Experiment

Let us do a little thought experiment here:

A White nationalists commenter cited figures of 100 White women raped by Blacks for every Black woman raped by Whites. The rape rates are way worse than what you site. 37,000 White women are raped by Blacks every year. That is over 100/day. However, basically zero (or between 0-10) Black women are raped by Whites every year. Instead of 100-1, it is more like 37,000-1, or at best, 3,700-1. Even the lower figure is utterly mindboggling.

Just sit back and think if the situation were reversed. If White men raped 100 Black women every day, 1/3 of which were gang rapes, and there were basically zero rapes of Whites by Blacks. The Blacks and all the rest of the non-Whites, and all of the liberal and leftwing Whites, including probably me, would be up in arms about the “racist rape epidemic” being perpetrated on Blacks by White racists to keep them in the niggers in their place….

Every now and then a Black guy or Black woman would go psycho and kill a (probably totally innocent) White guy, or a few White guys, and the media, the Left and the non-Whites would all but cheer it on. If it was a few Blacks who did it, the same crowd would quickly name them the “Oakland 8″ or whatever, and rallies would be held in their name across the land….

Johnny Cochran types across the land would rush to defend the murderers of the innocent Whites. The trials would go forward, and heavily Black juries would acquit all the killers. Defiant Black female jurors would say, “I just could not send another Black man to prison. This prison-industrial complex is genocide against our men.”

Whites across the land would seethe, but there would be little violence and no riots. After all, Whites have hardly rioted since the Civil War, while Black riots, so regular you wonder if they riot because they nicked themselves shaving, is routinely elided and mistranslated by the usual suspects as “rebellions” even when innocent Whites are murdered in cold blood.

[Boldfaced emphasis mine.]

“Interracial Rape Epidemics: A Thought Experiment,” by Robert Lindsay, February 28, 2009.

That’s the most remorselessly, sardonically honest take that I’ve yet read, on black race riots. Of course, if a black man nicks himself shaving, the Devil made him do it!

By the way, Lindsay's black male-on-white-female rape stat is correct; that includes 10,000 black-male-on-white-female gang rapes during the same year.


Californian said...

Some thoughts:

I've seen this figures cited in various places. They are quite incredible on the face of them and if true, say a heck of a lot about the racial situation. But are the statistics being misinterpreted? I say this because before race realists push this issue, they have to get the stats locked down airtight. Yes, I know, these cite FBI figures, so they are probably valid. But I was thinking of that recent case were a white woman, allegedly, blamed a black woman for throwing acid in her face, then it turned out to be (apparently) self-inflicted. And we can look at assorted false charges of rape going back to the Hillsboro case.

One reason I get a bit leery about using rape as an issue is how feminists have exploited it for a general round of male bashing -- though they conveniently ignore the racial element.

But if the stats are correct, then what are the implications?

Is there a political side to this? Rape is a means by which blacks are striking at Whites? One thinks of the politicized crime in South Africa today, such as farm attacks and the phenomenal black-on-White crime rates (including rape). You know the number, this the oppressed striking back at the privileged, making up for four centuries of slavery, segregation and blah blah blah, all to a chorus of white liberal guilt?

Or is there something more primal going on here? Is there an underlying genetic struggle in progress, a sort of Darwinian situation in which one set of genes is attempting to displace another? We have seen Whites driven out of Africa in recent decades, and now third worlders are moving into Europe and North America. One wonders how future anthropologists will chart these movements of peoples?

All this bears more examination...

Robert Lindsay said...

Hi, thx for this, Nicholas.

However, I don't want to use this too much for Black-bashing. By my calculations, a Black woman is 4-5 times more likely to be raped by a Black man than a White woman is. As it is, White women get off fairly easy!

I figure, in contrast to the commenter's theory about racial revenge, that Black males as a group are simply a gigantic mass rape machine that rapes any female they can get their hands on. They mostly rape their own kind for a variety of reasons, possibly proximity, but they also rape our White women.

I feel a tremendous amount of solidarity with the Black women who are raped by these monsters too, so I don't use want to use this as a "they are raping our women" thing.

The stats are good for that one year that they were compiled, however, in subsequent years, the figures have been a lot less dramatic - apparently a lot of "White" men raping Black women too, but those "Whites" may well be Hispanics.

Bottom line? Black men rape! They rape our women, they rape their own women. They just rape anything and everything. I don't have any solutions except quit importing more rapists. We have enough native ones here, thank you.

Nevertheless, the thought experiment is quite valid and I think it would make a neat little movie. Could you imagine the media breathlessly reporting on the 100 rapes a day that White men were committing against Black women? There would be stories every night on the news. In depth features - Why do White men rape? Is it genes? Is it culture? Interviews with Black women weeping in the corner, victims of brutal White rapists - "I will never trust another White man again!" Interviews with Black men - "Why do so few Black men rape White women anyway?" Black men laugh and respond: "White women are ugly! They look like ghosts! We like our sistas just fine thank you!"

Pan to a reporter on the scene. Black men are arming themselves in their communities against the White rapists. Are they gangs? KKK gangs? Or just individual Whites? Black men set up armed checkpoints on the edge of Black communities to stop and search every White man coming in. "We are just here to protect our women from these White devils, sir! The honor of the Black woman is not negotiable!"

Black communities are on edge against the White rape epidemic. There's talk of Black men taking matters into their own hands and staging John Brown type raids on White communities in the name of vengeance.

Police chiefs call for calm. "We will get to the bottom of this White rape epidemic!" they promise. "Please! Stay calm. Stay calm."

Anonymous said...

As it turns out the so called "civil rights" movement of the 60's was a coup d'etat. As that movement consolidates it's wins the violence against the losers, as in South Africa, intensifies.