Friday, September 10, 2010

In Lynchburg, Virginia, Still Another “Random” Act

George Leroy Baker, III

By Nicholas Stix

“If I were to die tonight, I’d die a happy man.”

Eighty-one-year-old George Leroy Baker III last Sunday to his son Greg, at the wedding reception for Greg’s daughter, now named Leslie Baker Gahagan. The elder Baker would be murdered a few hours later that very night.

Last night, my reader-researcher David in TN wrote me,

You know something? You just get tired of these stories. Literally.

George Leroy Baker III, an 81-year old Arizona man, is in Lynchburg, VA for his granddaughter’s wedding. A group of “teens” beat and kick him to death. Guess what the police say?

“This seems to be an unprovoked, random violent act. What a tragic event.”

This story was just on HLN (Headline News). It must have been because a family member came on to say he wants to forgive his grandfather’s killers.

All George Leroy Baker III wanted to do was walk down Main Street, from the hotel where his granddaughter’s wedding reception had just been held, to a restaurant for dinner. It was only 10 p.m.


George Leroy Baker III, with his granddaughter, Leslie Baker Gahagan, at her wedding reception, only hours before he would be murdered.

Baker, who had been widowed six years earlier, is survived by three children, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Presently in custody, at the Lynchburg Juvenile Detention Center, are three blacks: 16-year-old Kenneth Davis, who reportedly initiated the attack, 16-year-old Vernon Jackson, and an unnamed 13-year-old boy. The 16-year-olds have been charged with first-degree murder and, as per Virginia state law, are presently set to be tried as adults, with the U.S. Supreme Court having taken the death penalty off the table, due to their age.

We’ll have to see if prosecutors hang tough against the inevitable mau-mauing from racist black activists and preachers, who will demand that the 16-year-olds be tried as juveniles. The 13-year-old, who has not been named, will be tried as a juvenile, likely meaning that if convicted, he will spend time in a “treatment center” (reformatory) until he turns 21, at the latest, but probably for a lot less than that.

The three defendants were so well known to police that the 16-year-olds were picked out by witnesses out of a photo lineup.

Although Jackson reportedly confessed, i.e., can be referred to simply as a “murderer,” rather than as an “alleged murderer,” he’s bound to recant his confession, and plead not guilty. Nowadays, violent black felons frequently confess to their crimes, but almost always recant them, and then plead innocent. Many then even claim that they are the real victims, as the confessed attackers in the Central Park Jogger case later did (see my exposés here, here, and here).

Although Vernon Jackson’s minister, Pastor Annita Hogue is old school, it is considered immoral in black society today for a black to confess to committing a crime against a white and take his punishment, and Jackson’s relatives have already rolled out the black “honor student defense.” As WDBJ News reported, “family members tell a different story about Vernon Jackson, saying he is a good kid who attended church regularly and was well liked by his classmates at Heritage High School.”

However, according to ABC affiliate, WSET, “Family members of one of the suspects tell ABC 13 that all three boys are admitting to kicking 81-year-old George Baker III.”

Although the murder was committed four days ago, Google News’ highest estimate for stories across the entire Internet about the murder of George Baker is only 62, and I was able to find only 18 actual stories, so far. Had a white been charged with beating an old black man to death, there would by now be thousands of stories about “hate,” including the requisite quotes from “experts” like my good friend, SPLC (“$PLC,” at VDARE) hate crime hoaxer Mark Potok.

David wrote me several days ago, to report that when HLN “reported” on the August 31, Vancouver, Washington racist acid attack on Bethany Storro, it censored the fact that the woman who attacked Storro was black. HLN was an accessory after the fact to the attacker, who has yet to be caught. Maybe it’ll get some sort of journalism prize for that. (See my report, “The Bethany Storro Case: Another Raceless Attacker Strikes.”)

“Three teens arrested in downtown beating death; Man was found unconscious Sunday night on Main Street, died at hospital,” by Matt Busse and Chris Dumond, Lynchburg News & Advance:

An act of teenage male bravado on the part of at least one boy may have led to Sunday’s beating death of an 81-year-old man visiting Lynchburg for his granddaughter’s wedding, police said.

Two 16-year-olds and a 13-year-old were arrested Tuesday and charged with the murder of George Leroy Baker III, of Tempe, Ariz.

Police found Baker unconscious on the 1100 block of Main Street about 11 p.m. Sunday. Baker suffered “significant head injuries,” Lynchburg Police Capt. Todd Swisher said.

He was taken to Lynchburg General Hospital, where he died Monday, Swisher said.

“This seems to be an unprovoked, random violent act,” he said. “What a tragic event.”
Though police have said they are prohibited by law from naming juveniles, a search warrant filed in Lynchburg Circuit Court on Tuesday identified Kenneth Davis as the person who ran up to Baker “in an aggressive manner” before witnesses heard what sounded like a blow to Baker’s body and saw Davis running away.

Witnesses told police they heard Davis say he would hit the first person he saw in order to impress girls he was with, the affidavit from Lynchburg Det. Todd Rodes states.

“A witness dining at the Hash House saw a young black male kick the victim in the face after he had already been knocked to the ground,” the affidavit states. “The victim was unconscious upon bystanders coming to his aide.”

The affidavit states witnesses identified Davis by name and in a photo lineup as participating in the beating.

Investigators took a red and black “Miami” jersey, two pairs of shoes and several pairs of pants and shorts from a unit at the Lynchburg High Apartments on Park Avenue listed as Davis’ home, according to the search warrant....

There’s good news and bad news, regarding Matt Busse and Chris Dumond’s story in Lynchburg’s News & Advance. The good news is that it named Kenneth Davis by name and by race. That saves me from having to make some fruitless phone calls. The basis for the identification is the police affidavit that resulted in a judge issuing a search warrant for Davis’ family’s apartment; thus, the Lynchburg police have not been completely corrupted. (Fruitless, because if the police had not named and racially identified Davis in the affidavit, they would have refused to provide me said information, due to his age.)

The bad news is the lede:

“An act of teenage male bravado on the part of at least one boy may have led to Sunday’s beating death of an 81-year-old man visiting Lynchburg for his granddaughter’s wedding, police said.”

The first web definition I found of “bravado” conformed with my understanding:

“A swaggering show of courage.”

How is it “a swaggering show of courage” for a 16-year-old to stomp an 81-year-old man to death? Had the thug been alone, and gotten in the face of a young John Wayne type (e.g., 6’4 ½”), that could be construed as “a swaggering show of courage.”

Some media outlets, such as CNN, Phoenix’ CBS affiliate, KPHO, the Washington Post, the East Valley Tribune and, of course, HLN, were much worse, refusing to report the names of the defendants, or their race.

There’s also some bad news regarding the Lynchburg PD: This wasn’t a “random violent act” at all, and I doubt the veracity of one police affidavit’s statement that the killer had said he was going to attack “the next person” he saw, or another police affidavit’s statement that the motive was merely “to show off for some girls.” George Leroy Baker III’s killer targeted him because he was white, and had likely said he would brutalize “the next white person,” or an equivalent racist epithet for white—he saw.

Once upon a time, the police quoted this stuff honestly.

The defendants were arraigned on September 8, and will have their preliminary hearing on September 28.

Stomping whites to death with one’s sneakers is one of the most popular forms of black racist murder. The apologists for such attacks laugh about them.

When racist, black, persistent felony offender Mychal Bell led a mob of seven-to-nine other racist black thug-athletes in suckerpunching white classmate Justin Barker unconscious from behind, and then attempting to stomp him to death, in the Jena, Louisiana, high school, Al Sharpton turned the attack into a joke, as part of the Jena Hoax. Sharpton gave a speech to thousands of black racist Jena Hoax marchers, in which he held up a sneaker, mocked the idea that it could be a deadly weapon, and the crowd roared with laughter.

The other thing that black racists do when a white gets suckerpunched and attacked by other racist, cowardly blacks is say, “He deserved it.”

I speak from first-hand experience.

Frequently, the black attackers will lie and say, “He called me a n----r,” as many of the apologists for the attempted murder on Barker asserted, but sometimes they feel no need even for that particular lie. All one need do to “deserve it” is to commit the crime of breathing while white.

Conversely, if whites killed every black who ever really did call them a racial epithet, the black population would decrease by at least half.


Old Rebel said...

Maybe Leonard Pitts will be moved to cry Mr. Baker a river.

Anonymous said...

I believe the News Advance piece was the only one that told the race of the perpetrators. The Headline News Segment, which was over 10 minutes long, did not.

Will the suspect who said he did it recant? We will see what develops at the preliminary hearing scheduled for September 28. In cases like this, hearings are often postponed.

David In TN

Californian said...

Reminds me of the kind of stories coming out of the new and improved rainbow nation of post-apartheid South Africa.

Lindsey Mahnke said...

I wish you're article would be posted in every newspaper across the nation. I was born and raised in Lynchburg and considered it to be the best place to grow up. I even contemplate on moving back there with my family from time to time.

What just happened is BEYOND sickening. The victim's family speaks of forgiveness and letting God into the young boy's lifes. I say, place them all in a back alley and let people like myself handle their punishment.

How dare you be such a coward to attack a man who has lived to see 81 years. I told my husband today that I can't seem to shake this story and the fact that there were WITNESSES. Why did NO ONE step in before it was too late. I am now in the works of obtaining a concealed weapons permit and if I ever happen to witness such a thing, I know I will not hesitate to take matters into my own hands. IT'S JUST BLACK AND WHITE...

Anonymous said...

I grew up across the street from George Baker for 31 years. He was without a doubt the kindest most gentle soul I have ever known.
RIP Mr Baker

S. Orville said...

Mad dogs, shoot on sight.

Anonymous said...

These black animals should be put to death ASAP! I would gladly put a bullet in thier heads to save our taxpayers the expense..but that would be racist and illegal right....they make the white community racist. I have a strong feeling that Lynchburg's FINEST are going to be hard on these "packs of blacks" roaming the streets.

Anonymous said...

Worthless untrained MONKEYS !! Hang them on the courthouse lawn. Rest in peace Mr. Baker.

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton should be assasinated!
What an ignorant waste of a human being. I hate these blacks more and more everyday I live in this country.

Anonymous said...

These niggers should be hung from the John Lynch bridge with their families made to watch. Eye for an eye boy.

Anonymous said...

What's really sickening is that this article and the comments that follow are so obviously biased, racist, and IGNORANT. Murder is murder regardless of the victim's or the suspect's race, right? Does the author or his supporters seriously believe this crime is any worse because it happened to a white man at the hands of black children? Oh I see, in such small minds and small worlds like the theirs, it is unthinkable that tragedy should penetrate so close to home at the hands of the race you hate the most! SMH

Anonymous said...

We as the citizens of Lynchburg City are fed up with the ignorant blacks ruining our historic home. We will make them uncomfortable and unwelcome here forever. Know this, these animals will pay one way or another for what they have done. They will be safer in prison with the other primate relatives.

Nicholas Stix said...

Dear Anonymous Sanctimonious Mindless Hypocrite ("SMH"), 12/18/10 2:55 a.m.,

You need to take a good, hard look at the racist in the mirror.

You are a self-righteous self-caricature of the New White Racism: The movement of whites who have devoted themselves to aiding and abetting blacks in waging race war on whites.

“Murder is murder regardless of the victim's or the suspect's race, right? Does the author or his supporters seriously believe this crime is any worse because it happened to a white man at the hands of black children?”

If you were morally consistent, you would then have to oppose hate crime legislation and enhancements, affirmative action, “diversity,” reparations, and every other anti-white racist scam in creation. But I could bet the ranch that mooks like you support all of those racist obscenities, and I’d win at least 99 out of 100 times.

To say that whites who rage at racist black-on-white murders are worse than the killers is a stereotypical NWR rationalization. The final, redundant giveaway is when you refer to racist, teenaged psychopaths as “children,” thus leaving no doubt that you support the murderers, and don’t care a fig for George Leroy Baker III—the man had a name!—or his grieving family.

“Oh I see, in such small minds and small worlds like the [sic] theirs, it is unthinkable that tragedy should penetrate so close to home at the hands of the race you hate the most!”

Why should it? Since white folks don’t live that way, why should they suffer so. Most blacks support black criminals and handcuff the police. Because of that, the black majority should suffer from those criminals, but whites shouldn’t. I grieve for the ever-shrinking minority of righteous blacks who are victimized by such monsters.

Translation: You are happy that an 81-year-old white man who had lived an excellent life had to suffer so. Well, this “small-minded” observer has no problem saying that I wish it were you, and not Mr. Baker who was murdered, and that I still hope that you get a dose of the exact medicine that you support being inflicted on decent white folks.

Randall Kutzner said...

My god.. Our militia loathes these worthless niggers in this country. We must group together our resources to exterminate the ignorant black animals tearing our country apart.Look forward to mass eridication in a ghetto near you! Niggers will be hanging around in a different fashion.We plan to attend the trial of these monkeys and look forward to the outcome. Clean up America..kill a nigger.

John T. Bennett said...

"Presently in custody, at the Lynchburg Juvenile Detention Center, are three blacks:"
There is proof that one is black, how do you know that the other two were?

Nicholas said...


Are you kidding me? We know that both of the then-16-year-old killers are black. Do you think that a locally notorious, white 13-year-old committed the deed with them? Don't project your own ignorance onto me, while presenting yourself as morally scrupulous.

John T. Bennett said...

I'm just asking in terms of citations. I thought there might be some other link or source that you had with pictures or demographic information. My intent is to get airtight data in order to criticize the people responsible which includes the PC thought police.

Anonymous said...

While I find this blog racist as shit, I unfortunately as a Lynchburg resident didn't need to be told that the perps were black. Tensions are very high here between black and white. Hell, I think you would be living in a dream world if you just said Can't we all just get along.

I hope we can eventually, but it's going to take some time and some much better parenting by the black mothers and fathers. They need to realize that just because they grow up in the ghetto, doesn't mean they can't do well in school and be a contributing member of society.

To whoever wrote kill them all, seriously, fuck you. They are human beings (except for the 3 who killed that old man anyway)

Anonymous said...

Have they hung those niggers in jail yet?? It's about time for it.