Monday, September 27, 2010

More on the Justice Department Civil Rights Division's Conspiracy to Disenfranchise Whites, Violate Their Civil Rights, and to Obstruct Justice

By Nicholas Stix

Following the bombshell testimony given by Christopher Coates last Friday before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, LA Watchdog’s Hal Netkin has put together an updated collection of Fox Videos from the past few days on the scandal that the socialist MSM have sought for almost two years to ignore.

The case started on Election Day, 2008, when the genocidal, black supremacist, New Black Panthers violated whites’ voting rights in Philadelphia. I don’t have to say “allegedly,” because it was all caught on tape. Since the “Obama” administration took power, an ongoing conspiracy within the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has allegedly aided and abetted the Panthers, denied whites the equal protection of the law, and covered up the CRD’s crimes.

Various whistleblowers and critics have identified DOJ officials Assistant Deputy Attorney General Steve Rosenbaum, Deputy Associate Attorney General Sam Hirsch, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes and Loretta King, acting head of CRD, as co-conspirators.

DOJ officials have also illegally ordered employees under subpoena to refuse to testify before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Christopher Coates, the former chief of the CRD’s voting rights section testified Friday in spite of the illegal orders, invoking the protection of federal whistleblower laws, and after Cong. Frank Wolf (R-VA) wrote AG Eric Holder, warning him against retaliating against Coates, who still works for DOJ, albeit in South Carolina, where the Department has exiled him.
While the U.S. Commission on Civil rights has alone carried the ball on the New Black Panthers/Civil Rights Division case, the agency has endured some internal dissension, as members of both parties have sought to sandbag its investigation. Republican commissioner Abigail Thernstrom, the co-author with husband Stephan, of America in Black and White and No Excuses, has impugned the importance of the NBP/CRD case in general, while Democratic Commissioner Michael Yaki has invoked racial fantasies, in order try and ridicule the investigation.
Abigail Thernstrom, the a [sic] conservative commissioner who disagrees with the focus on this case, called the New Black Panther Party a dysfunctional fringe group. She said she was frustrated that the commission was making the event the focus of its entire report for the year of 2010, especially when reports from previous years on issues like immigration have yet to be published.
Democratic Commissioner Michael Yaki said the commissions focus on the case was making it a laughingstock, and that the conservative commissioners where looking to create a “Whitewater-esque conspiracy that isn’t going to get us anywhere and is only going to undermine the credibility of the commission.”
“When you look at what happened during the Bush administration, when you look at the fact that they declined [to prosecute] people with guns intimidating Latino voters, that they declined [to prosecute] people who interviewed elderly black voters in their homes in Mississippi…where this commission has turned a blind eye to Katrina, turned a blind eye to so many other issues, but somehow we’re going to find fault with the Justice Department on this partisan issue is the height of hypocrisy,” said Yaki.
The 2010 Enforcement Report by the commission, which centers of the New Black Panther Party case, is expected to be released ahead of the mid-term elections.
“People with guns intimidating Latino voters” sounds like a DNC/SPLC fabrication. “Interview[ing] elderly black voters in their homes in Mississippi” is not a crime. As for “turn[ing] a blind eye to Katrina,” Yaki’s vagueness expresses the power of baseless racist talking points. The group whose members suffered the most continuous and dramatic violation of their civil rights during the anarchy following Hurricane Katrina was whites. Michael Yaki clearly holds whites in contempt. “The height of hypocrisy,” indeed.

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is a racist gangster organization working under color of authority. Some people mistakenly sign on at CRD, thinking that it is devoted to equal enforcement of the law, but they soon learn otherwise. For the first time, the public is getting a chance to peek behind the curtain, at the great and powerful Justice.

I wrote about this case previously, in:

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According to Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, the decision to dismiss the New Black Panther case was made by Loretta King, the acting head of CRD. Given reports that the dismissal was decided by a political appointee at Justice, and Perez’ other incredible testimony, suggesting a willingness to perjure himself about the weather, I’m not sure how much credibility I’d grant his claim.

In any event, Loretta King has been an ongoing embarrassment for Justice, assuming folks there are capable of being embarrassed. She has been criticized by “both the Supreme Court and the federal district court” for her habit of pursuing civil rights cases that are frivolous, even by CRD standards in the case Johnson v. Miller.

King was already guilty of violating the civil rights, and engaging in malicious prosecution of Jeremiah Munsen, whom she railroaded for engaging in constitutionally protected speech, when he mocked supporters of the Jena Hoax. Though he had not committed any crime, Munsen was imprisoned, and is still serving a five-year sentence of probation, such that he could be thrown back into federal prison for five years, for spitting on the sidewalk. For her crimes in the Munsen case alone, Loretta King should be in prison.

I wrote about the Munsen case in:
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See also: “Voting Rights Official Calls Dismissal of Black Panther Case a ‘Travesty of Justice’”.

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