Tuesday, September 28, 2010

East Orange, New Jersey: Let Me in the Party, or I’ll Kill You!

By Nicholas Stix

One coed is dead, and four other people are wounded, because a thug who was refused entry to an over-filled party in East Orange, New Jersey, went and got a gun from a friend, and came back shooting.

Nicholas Welch, 25, is charged with “murder, conspiracy and weapons offenses,” for murdering Jessica Moore, 19, an honors student at nearby Seton Hall University. He is being held on $2 million bail. Police seek his friend, 19-year-old Marcus Bascus, whom they say supplied Welch with the murder weapon, on the same charges.

Police said Welch tried to enter the party, was refused admittance and then returned moments later with a gun and started firing. Nineteen-year-old Seton Hall student Jessica Moore, an honors student from Disputanta, Va., who was majoring in psychology, was shot and died later that day.

The injuries to the other four victims weren’t considered life-threatening. Two of the injured were 19-year-old women who go to Seton Hall, and one was a 25-year-old man who attends the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The other was a 20-year-old man from New York who is not a student.

Laurino credited a police lockdown of the block after the shooting for helping hasten Welch’s arrest.

“He probably stayed in his house because he couldn’t leave his house,” Laurino said.

“1 arrested, 2 charged in shooting near Seton Hall,” Jamie Roth, Eyewitness News and AP, Updated at 5:56 a.m. today.

One partygoer said, “No remorse, ruthless, and he deserved to be punished.”

As the handcuffed Welch was about to be placed in a police car, he turned to news cameras and declared, “I’m innocent, I ‘in’t do it.”

Beyond the obvious—a promising young life snuffed out, and four wounded—there’s good news and bad news about this story. The primary reason that a suspect was taken so quickly into custody, was that a witness immediately notified a police officer, and called 911. That is particularly striking, given that all of the people involved were black, and the "Don't snitch" ideology that is pervasive in black communities. The bad news is that ABC News identified the witness by name, thereby putting his life at risk.

While the MSM go out of their way much of the time, to shield black criminals, by refusing to identify their race, of late, I am seeing more cases where witnesses to black men’s violent crimes are being identified by the media by name. Either the reporters and editors doing this are incredibly stupid, or they are aiding and abetting criminals for whom murdering witnesses has become standard operating procedure.

Courtesy of the tireless Nivius Vir.

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