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Why is Breitbart Promoting the Central Park Five Hoax?

Why is Breitbart Promoting the Central Park 5 Hoax?
By Nicholas Stix
December 23, 2012

I have just become acquainted with a “conservative” movie critic named Christian Toto. Toto, the man, not the dog, has all sorts of Republican bona fides: Not only does Breitbart (the Web site, not the man) publish him on a regular basis, but so too does the Washington Times.

Toto’s newest contribution to “conservative” cultural journalism is a contribution in support of the most vicious race hoax of the week.

On the night on April 19, 1989, as many as 40 racist, black and Hispanic teenagers, 14-16 years old entered Central Park, with the intention of robbing and beating whites. (This apparently included one or two white Hispanics.) They attempted to attack about a dozen people, a few of whom were able to escape the mobs (the attackers had broken up into smaller groups).

One person whom a sub-group of up to 15 teenagers raped and beat almost to death was a 28-year-old, 5’4,” 105 lb. investment banker whom whites knew for years simply as “the Central Park Jogger.”

Blacks all knew the victim’s name, because, in an orgy of hatred, their newspapers published her name repeatedly in every article about the case, in every issue of their papers. (Actually, they knew her as “Patricia Meili,” which I suppose is the name on her birth certificate, which name was passed along by one of the racists’ confederates in the NYPD, prosecutor’s office, or hospital. The victim actually goes by Trisha, and has long since come forward.)

The New York City media did a decent job on the crime itself, one of the last times they did regarding a black-on-white hate crime. However, they refused to report on the black hate campaign that was unleashed against the victim.

Although the attackers defense counsel knew that Meili had suffered brain damage and trauma from the attack, which caused her to lose over 70 percent of her blood, and spend 10 days in a coma, they subpoenaed her to testify at her attackers‘ two split trials in 1990.

Not only did Meili’s attackers’ black supporters know her name, but they also knew exactly what she looked like, for they identified her on the street when they saw her coming, and showed their compassion, by screaming at her:



“The boyfriend did it!”

“She did it to herself!”

The five attackers who went on trial were all convicted and did prison time. However, police had announced from the start that they did not have all of the attackers, including the one whose semen was found at the scene.

I have written many articles on this case, going back to at least 2000. My most succinct treatment was within a 2009 article published at VDARE:

“Sotomayor Supporter Robert Morgenthau and His Regime of Racialized ‘Justice’ in Manhattan.”

The attackers’ black supremacist supporters never quit promoting their hoax, whereby the attackers were the innocent, black and brown victims of racism. As the media became ever more racist towards whites and ever more solicitous of racist, black and brown cut-throats, and Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau followed suit, the MSM and Morgenthau eventually came around to the Bizarro World, black supremacist hoax narrative, in which the attackers were the new “Scottsboro Boys,” even helping out by airbrushing its worst excesses out of the picture. The attackers’ sentences were vacated in 2002. They have been seeking ever since to extort $250 million out of the city.

The attackers have since picked up white leftists, including anti-white “documentarian” Ken Burns, his daughter and the latter’s husband. The Burns Gang have so far produced a book and a mockumentary, and seeks to do well by doing evil, making millions of dollars for themselves, and hundreds of millions of dollars for the attackers.

In the spirit of the times, they have gotten help from the good Republicans at the New York Post and now, Breitbart.

The Big Lie talking points that all of the attackers constantly repeat, including now “conservative Republicans” like Toto—the man, not the dog—is that the attackers were “exonerated,” and that their confessions were “coerced.”

There was no evidence of any “coercion,” and none of the men was “exonerated.” Their convictions were vacated, which is a different matter, and the reasoning, or lack thereof, that Robert Morgenthau proferred on behalf of vacating those convictions would have been embarrassing, coming from a first-year law student.

A Breitbart reader was kind enough to post a link to my blog, which has so far gotten me over 60 hits tonight, but when I sought to add links to other researchers’ comprehensive reports, my posts were blocked.

I have recently read two comprehensive reports on the attackers, one of which was written by Thomas Clough in 2002, and updated in 2003 (22,800 words) and another, undated report that was almost as long, which was commissioned by NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. These little-read reports decisively refute the hoax story.

* * *
22 December 2012, 8:09 A.M. PDT
Breitbart/Big Hollywood

You didn't have to live in New York to know about the Central Park jogger case.

The Big Apple burned with rage when news broke of a jogger who was beaten, raped and left for dead back in 1989, a crime that sent five minority teens to jail. The trial and convictions pulsated far beyond the city's five boroughs, but the teens' subsequent exoneration [NS: Lie!] got far less attention in the press. [The campaign to vacate their convictions got tons of media coverage. Who’re you kidding?]

“We found everyone remembers the case … but a very small percentage of people really remember what happened,” documentary filmmaker Ken Burns tells Big Hollywood. “Many think they got off on a technicality.”

Burns is justifiably outraged [bull] over that fact, a reason he co-directed the new documentary “The Central Park Five.”

The film, now playing in select cities, was co-directed by Burns' daughter, Sarah Burns, and her husband, David McMahon. The movie shows how coerced confessions, five very frightened teens and a media willing to swallow the easy-to-define narrative doomed the group's youth and innocence.

“To us, it was an extraordinary tragedy. What did happen? Who where these five [teens]? They were demonized by the press,” he says. [They weren’t “demonized,” they were, and are, demons!] To tell their story, Burns and his colleagues painted a picture of a less than glorious Big Apple.

“We didn't shy away from dumping you in the middle of the shit. New York City was going to hell in a hand basket.” he says.

“The Central Park Five” blasts the media and the legal community together for helping dish out injustice. A few journalists take part in the documentary, but the prosecutorial team deferred.

“They knew they couldn't answer any of the questions we were going to ask of them,” he says bluntly. [Liar!] “We bent over backwards to represent them as fairly as we could,” he adds. The film eschews narration on [sic] only uses a handful of title cards to frame the story.

The film does allow the five teens, now adults, to share their sides of the story.

"They're extraordinary human beings ... with an absence of bitterness that's impressive," he says. [What reason do they have to be bitter?]

Burns typically toils on behalf of PBS, and his next project returns him to the small screen. It could be his biggest project to date - remembering the Vietnam War.

"We're gonna put our arms around the whole war," he promises. "It will be fair and tell the story from every single perspective, from POWs to draft dodgers to Gold Star Mothers, generals, diplomats and the regular folks. We're prepared to tell the most complicated of stories about the war."

He's also ready for potential blowback on the topic, one that continues to divide the nation nearly four decades since hostilities ceased.

"God forbid we're scared of controversial subjects," he says.

* * *

I tried posting the following comment, but was blocked. A later comment of mine was posted.

This is sick. Is this Breitbart, or the Village Voice?

Mr. Toto, the attackers were never “exonerated,” and not a single confession was “coerced.” Either you’re woefully ignorant about this case, or you’re lying. Which is it?

This is a really scary case, because law enforcement, prosecutors, and the media actually got it right, the first time. However, the attackers’ supporters never quit seeking to help evil prevail, and now, a generation later, after most people either forgot the facts of the story, or never knew them to begin with, the public is being given a completely fabricated, revisionist hoax, whose purveyors seek not only to turn devils into saints, and rob the net taxpayers of $250 million, but to turn an unlimited number of other racist black and brown atrocities into cases of the racial profiling of little black and brown angels, and to destroy what little is left of urban policing and criminal justice in this country.

In addition to the link Chrise was kind enough to post to my story (the short version), the following link is to the most comprehensive report I have so far found on this case (22,800 words), by Thomas Clough.

“On the evening of April 19, 1989, shortly after 9:00 PM, approximately 40 African-American and Hispanic teenagers, mostly between the ages of 14 and 16, entered Central Park at 110th Street and 5th Avenue for the purpose, according to many of them, of assaulting and robbing people.... [1]

“Police responded immediately to several 911 calls for help that resulted from the various attacks. Two of the defendants, Raymond Santana and Kevin Richardson, were arrested on the evening of April 19th in the vicinity of Central Park shortly after the attacks. Without being contacted by the police, Antron McCray voluntarily appeared at the precinct, in the company of his mother, and was not held. Because of statements made by the defendants and others implicating them, Kharey Wise and Yusef Salaam, as well as McCray, were contacted by the police the next day, and came to the precinct voluntarily.

“Out of the approximately forty teenagers who entered Central Park that night, thirty-seven were interviewed. Ten were arrested and ultimately convicted of charges resulting from their activities.” [2]

The Crying Wolfe Blog said...

Great post. Breitbart is the Keystone Kops of Journalism. Throwing things at the wall hoping that something, anything ( dear Lord, please) will stick. This once " great" organization couldn't keep Obama from getting reelected, now they cannot get out of their own way. I will definitely be paying attention to your blog.

Friday, December 28, 2012 at 6:55:00 P.M. EST

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W. Smith said...

Well Done! Great information!

I had read fragments of it before but hadn't seen a compilation of your writings on this issue.

Looks like the Big Lie has been accepted by our Corrupt Liberal Media and even outfits like Breitbart as gospel."Liberalism" has killed journalism.

Thanks for all that you do!