Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Two Black Bros Murdered White Spring Garden Dad Gerard Grandzol in Front of 2-Year-Old Daughter in Philly; One "Teen" Just Got 35 to Life

By "W"

Only 35 years.  As we all know, thugs get some time knocked off their sentences for every few days/weeks/months of "good behavior."  I'll wager this guy will be out of jail in his mid-40s.
James Bakker, the creepy white Christian "Praise the Lord" fraudster received a longer sentence.  He was sentenced to 45 years for mail and wire fraud.
Wikipedia: "Judge Robert Daniel Potter sentenced Bakker to 45 years in federal prison and imposed a $500,000 fine."
N.S.: Yeah, and they get that "good time," no matter bad they were inside. It's yet another form of criminal justice affirmative action.

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Anonymous said...

He got that sentence because he plea bargained. Killing a person in the presence of a small child is normally an aggravated offense and should have called for the death penalty.