Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Submission: Italian Town to Cover Crosses at Cemeteries So as Not to Offend Muslims (Video)

By R.C.
Wed, Apr 24, 2019 11:21 p.m.

Italian Town to Cover Crosses at Cemeteries So as Not to Offend Muslims (Video)


Anonymous said...

That's all right,Muslims will be soon be chopping Italian heads off in large quantities--so that Italian heads don't offend Muslims.Then they'll rape the Italian women,because the Italian women offended Muslims by not sleeping with them voluntarily.Much to look forward to--in the coming years-- in Italy.Catholicism?Very offensive,THAT will be corrected and made "inoffensive",as well.Etc etc.


Anonymous said...

The locals need to go into the cemetery at night and plant thousands of little crosses all over the place. Where is the mafia? They can do something about this. And maybe will. If the government is cowardly, the organization is not. Sad to say.

Anonymous said...

Biden Announces for Prez--claims "America is an idea."
(GRA)His 3 minute video played extensively by FOX,Joe Biden attacked President Trump for his view on what happened in Charlottesville,2 years ago.
What interested me was his supposition that,"America is an idea...where desperate people can come for refuge."
To agree with that statement,one must believe that the other 194 countries in the world are all uninhabitable,unsuccessful and unfixable.
We are but one country on a planet,with a limited amount of land,resources and money.We are still surviving because the white people in the USA are carrying the load(for how long that can continue,is debatable.)
The foreigners,trying to pour into the United States,are doing a disservice to their own homelands by leaving those nations.It's the easy way out,to force your way into our country and leave a corrupt,shi*hole nation behind.But instead of trying to improve the place you were born,these foreigners pack their bags and decide to invade America (while bringing nothing positive for our country with them).
They bring illiteracy,disease,criminal behavior,religious differences and an attitude that demands they be treated as well as native born Americans--or better.In other words,who they are,is the reason their own countries ARE shi*holes.
Our laws force us to take them in,the Democrats want more laws to make it easier for them to come in.
It can't continue.194 nations of people trying to move here.They must develop the mindset to improve their own nations--not destroy ours.
Joe Biden,you're an idiot--and so are the rest of the Democrats/globalists
--GR Anonymous