Friday, April 26, 2019

White Dog Walkers at Black Supremacist Howard University Infringe on "Black Mecca," Students Say

By "W"
Thu, Apr 25, 2019 1:22 p.m.

Dog walkers at Howard University infringe on 'black Mecca', students say | US news | The Guardian

"W": Whites and Dogs are not welcome (but their $$$s are!). I've been in and out of D.C. since 1979 and have never been near the Howard "University" area.


Anonymous said...

Howard U. Founded by General Howard. Civil War Union general who founded the university to educated the free slaves. They sure got "educated".

Anonymous said...

In 1968 I went away to college and ended up in a dorm which the university had integrated--blacks were assigned to rooms with whites--including my room. The blacks proceeded to raise hell--pouring foul smelling stuff on my bed. It turned out the blacks did NOT want integration--they wanted all black dorm rooms on an all black floor. So blacks want it both ways: they want all black places where no whites are allowed, but never think you will be allowed a white space without blacks.

Anonymous said...

This is just more misplaced anger by the Darky. Here in SoCAL, Hispanics are replacing Blacks faster than Nikes are being stolen. In the city of Watts the demographics are
61.6% Hispanic 37.1% black (0.5% White) and in Compton its now 65% Hispanic and 25.9% Black (0.8% White) On top of the race replacement taking effect, illegal gang members have been arrested for ethnic cleansing more than once, in recent years.

You would think those college people of color would be plenty pissed off at the Democrats for supporting the Hispanic invasion...... but no, they are pissed off at crackers walking their dog on campus.


David In TN said...

Nancy Grace had an episode this week on her "Injustice" Oxygen Channel show on the Katrina Vetrano murder. it repeats Saturday Morning at 8 am ET and Sunday Night at Midnight ET.

By the way on Thursday Night, November 5, at 9 pm ET, Nancy Grace has a show about a double murder that took place in Knoxville, Tennessee. It's titled "Murder and Mistrials."