Sunday, April 21, 2019

Social Justice Warriors Seemingly Run Out of People to Call Racist, and Brand Dogs as "White Supremacist"

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Apr 21, 2019 8:48 p.m.

Social Justice Warriors have apparently run out of people and objects to declare as racist and are now taking aim at man's best friend. Ben Faulding, a socialist with bylines in the Washington Post, Tablet Mag, and The Forward has declared that dogs are a "tool of white supremacy and gentrification." "That's not just […]

The story reminds me of William Culberson, a black male and my former manager.

He told me a story one day of attending a dog fight in his home state of Louisiana.

I've known a lot of rednecks, but not one of them was into dog fighting.

Dog Fighting | Animal Legal & Historical Center

Overview of Dog Fighting Hanna Gibson (2005) Dogs that are born, bought or stolen for fighting are often neglected and abused from the start. Most spend their entire lives alone on chains or in cages and only know the attention of a human when they are being trained to fight and they only know the company of other animals in the context of being trained to kill them.

(1) Dogs: Certainly not all pit bulls are fought, but officers should be watchful of signs that pit bulls on the premises are being trained or bred for fighting or have been fought. Multiple dogs are generally housed in one location. More sophisticated operations may look more like a kennel; in fact many that breed and fight dogs do so under the auspices of a kennel to deflect suspicion. Less sophisticated dog-fighters, especially the urban street fighters generally have several dogs chained in back-yards, often behind privacy fences, or in basements or garages. Dogs that have been fought have fresh wounds or scars, in various stages of healing, on the head, chest and legs.

By the way, who owns the majority of pit bulls?

Racism and the American Pit Bull | Current Affairs

Yasmin Nair is a writer, academic, and activist in Chicago. She is a co-founder of the radical queer editorial collective Against Equality and the Volunteer Policy Director of Gender JUST.

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Dog fighting also a particularly evil sport as engaged in mostly by negroes. Especially negro gang bangers. It is not that only blacks do the deed by they take a particular pride and interest in doing so. Heavy wagering going on. Dogs too used to guard stash houses.