Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Legislating Anarcho-Tyranny: Grand Rapids Seeks to Criminalize Whites, in Support of Black Criminals; Black Supremacist, Fox Fake News Reporter Candese Charles Promotes Blood Libels and Jim Snow Ordinance

[N.S. Some of what fake news reporter Candese Charles is doing does not consist of flat-out lies, but are every bit as dishonest as them. However, she also tells flat out lies. “We’ve all heard of BBQ Becky & Permit Patty, ppl calling the police on minorities for living life.”

That was a flat-out lie by Charles. The blacks in question were all breaking laws and municipal ordinances, and the whites who called the police on them were the good guys. The blacks were the racists, because they refused to obey the law. And Candese Charles is a racist, as well as a liar, because she is repeating the blood libels of the past year, terrorizing whites, supporting black miscreants, and promoting a city ordinance that is intended to violate whites’ legal and state and federal constitutional rights, and endanger them (under the Fifth and 14th Amendments, and the 1964 U.S. Civil Rights Act).

Candese Charles in video below: “The purpose of this ordinance isn’t to discourage people from calling 911 about possible crimes, but to ask them to check their biases before dialing.”

That was an absolute lie: The ordinance’s sole purpose is to racially intimidate whites out of calling the police on blacks who are breaking the law, any laws, and punish them, if they do.

What about blacks’ biases?

Police dispatchers (many of them racist blacks) will politically test whites, and apparently will have the prerogative of refusing them police services, and even using the police to persecute them, instead of the blacks who were already making their lives miserable.

And blacks will go out of their way to be even more intolerable—blasting music even louder, and later at night, having more illegal parties, screaming louder in public parks, you name it. Anything to exercise their newest racial privilege to make white’ lives miserable.

When do whites get to “live their lives”? Never. Note that racist whites Patti Caudill and Jeremy DeRoo (racial socialists, aka communists, aka progressives) are in the forefront of this campaign against most whites, along with the black supremacists like Candese Charles.

What can decent whites do? They can organize resistance to the ordinance. They can sue in court to have it repealed as illegal and unconstitutional, if it is passed. And they can go on a quiet tax strike, cutting way down on what they pay to the city of Grand Rapids, the state of Michigan, and the federal treasury, and starve their racist enemies.

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, April 22, 2019 at 6:12:00 PM EDT

Grand Rapids Tries to Fine Whites for Calling the Police on Blacks

GR ordinance aims to stop unnecessary 911 calls on people of color
Posted 3:59 P.M., April 22, 2019, by Candese Charles, Updated at 05:24PM, April 22, 2019

(FOX17NEWS) GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids officials are considering an ordinance that would make it a crime to racially profile minorities and call police for living their lives.

Nationwide, police receive 911 calls about people of color for things like selling lemonade, having a family cookout or a graduation party.

Grand Rapids is no exception.

“Police were called on a graduation party in one of the parks and it was an African American family,” said Patti Caudill, Grand Rapids diversity and inclusion manager. “Police were called because it got, according to some folks, loud in a city park. Was that because of bias?

(Interesting, another story being reported today, was a murder Saturday night at a party in the ghetto. All black parties have the potential for a) loud noise; b) drugs; and c) gunplay.)

“I don’t know, but we want to make sure that people are allowed to live their lives.”

(GRA: And if the blacks interfere with MY life, I'm calling the police, landlord and neighborhood association, in that order—which I've done.)

The city says the ordinance isn’t to discourage citizens from calling 911 about possible crimes, but to ask them to check their biases before dialing.

(GRA: Loud is loud. I’ll call the cops on blacks, Mex, Indians, Muslims and redneck whites, as well. Most decent whites, you don't have to worry about.)

It would also train police and dispatchers to ask questions about why a call is being made.

“The idea is that residents are thinking through what they’re doing before they make a phone call, and when there are people that are going to be using the police department to move forward with discriminatory practices that there’s some way to stop that,” said said [sic] Jeremy DeRoo, Linc Up executive director.

Grand Rapids would be the first city in the state to pass this type of ordinance, which could lead to a $500 fine for someone who unnecessarily calls police.

(GRA: How about that? And you KNOW examples will be made of certain whites and publicized on TV to make sure that whites get the word, "nigs are to be treated with kid gloves.")

A public comment period for the proposed ordinance will happen at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the city commission meeting on the ninth floor of City Hall.

--GR Anonymous


Anonymous said...

Take over the basketball court at the local park and play basketball all night. A way for gang members to congregate. They are at the park with purposeful manner [even if the park closes at 10 P.M.] and are therefore not loitering. All that dribbling and slam dunking makes for loud noise. Usually accompanied by the ghetto blasters playing rap music with suggestive and foul lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Racist City Commission Meeting in Grand Rapids Ends--A Summary
Tonight was the scheduled meeting,to hear public comment,concerning the new plan by GR City Commissioners,designed to shut white people up about black criminal behavior.It was broadcast live on Public Access.I had imagined that not many people would show up to speak against the proposal(out of fear of retribution).The plan would charge whites with a bias crime and fine them $500,in the event police were called by whites--on blacks(or other protected groups)--"for no reason,other than they were blacks(or other protected groups) living their lives."
First of all,obviously,judging by the wording of the proposal,whites are not going to be considered "a protected group,"in this city anymore.To the contrary,all I can think of--to describe the fate of white people in GR in the future--is the antonym
of protected--which is HUNTED and ENDANGERED.
The meeting itself started at 7pm and the first speakers were allowed at the microphone 10 minutes later.Each person was given three minutes to give their view of the "human protection resolution",as it was constantly referred to.Thirty people spoke--the overwhelming percentage,either black,a leader of a liberal organization or both.
My unofficial count was 28 in favor of implementing the proposal,2 against.Two whites spoke against,including a very nervous white woman and a white "media person",as he described himself(never heard of the guy).
"Who is going to decide the frame of mind of someone,when that person,thinking a crime is being committed,calls the police,but after police arrive and find no crime,A PERSON is going to need to make a decision on intent of the caller--in order to give a ticket?"
"Will a fear of being fined prevent (white)people from calling the police for real criminal activity(by blacks,Mex)?"
Mayor Rosalynn Bliss ran the meeting briskly,but showed a bias to the blacks.
Blacks in hoodies came to complain about police brutality and prejudice.Blacks AND Mex who run black/Mex groups complained about "being terrorized by police for doing nothing."
A white woman,who
is part of a neighborhood association,stepped up to support the bill.
"I've been working here in Creston's Neighborhood Association(mostly ghetto) for two years.My first day,someone called to say,'two black kids are riding bikes up and down my sidewalk.'I decided that kind of complaint needed to be stopped."
When I see white women like this,speak in this manner(looking out for blacks),it's obvious that she probably has a daughter living with a blackie (and a few halfie black grandkids to boot.)
A couple people who supported the resolution made the point that,"we already have laws that forbid making false police calls (see Jussie Smollett),let's enforce THEM.Plus,what will this do to Silent Observer (where ones identity is never supposed to be revealed).
There certainly was no large turnout of opposition to this plan.I will keep you posted on further progress as a vote is taken in the near future.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Postscript:The white woman,from the Creston Association I referred to--defending blacks--indeed was on the late newscast,saying,"I have bi-racial grandkids blah blah blah...."
Sometimes I can read people too damn well.Her daughter dragged her mom into the cesspool of black living and she has been properly converted into a hood rat.Too bad for her.