Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Unfiltered News from Germany: Citizen Justice in Saxony: German Men Deal with an Armed, Moslem Shoplifter the Old-Fashioned Way (Video)

By Nicholas Stix


Selbstjustiz in Sachsen

Auf einen Ladendiebstahl in einem Netto Supermarkt im sächsischen Arnsdorf reagieren die Angestellten prompt. Anstelle, dass die Polizei gerufen wird, wird die ortsansässige Bürgerwehr hinzugezogen. Was darauf folgt ist brachiale Gewalt!

Self-Justice in Saxony
Translated by Nicholas Stix

Employees react promptly to shoplifting in a Netto supermarket in Arnsdorf in Saxony. Instead of calling the police, the local “citizen’s defense” is involved, resulting in ruthless force.

N.S.: The shoplifter is armed with a deadly weapon—the bottle of wine he had been caught stealing. When I lived in West Germany, almost all of the young Moslems I knew were drunks.

The post was made by an anti-PEGIDA, “anti-racist” group. I asked the poster, in German, what the film had to do with the group’s positions. Such groups typically support Moslem criminals and terrorists, but the poster sounded more like a PEGIDA/Alternative Party for Germany supporter.

One of the reasons why the store didn’t call the police, I am convinced, is because the workers (and customers alike) had no faith in the police doing their job.

I have read stories, going back several months, of Moslem thugs—if you’ll pardon the redundancy—terrorizing workers in urban supermarkets with machetes, and prosecutors fabricating tortuous rationalizations for refusing to prosecute the criminals.

Anarcho-tyranny in Middle Europe.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
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Anonymous said...

Yup...his ex-wife.
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--GR Anonymous