Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The FDNY No Longer Puts Out Fires, but Sets Them


Lillian Bonsignore being sworn in as deputy chief

By Nicholas Stix

The New York City Fire Department was once a bastion of merit. Its meritocracy was a casualty, along with 343 department members, on 9/11. Incoming mayor Michael Bloomberg replaced the merit system with one based partially on privilege (affirmative action). The last remnants of the merit-based system were then wiped out by federal judge Nicholas Garaufis and communist Mayor Bill deBlasio (Warren Wilhelm Jr.). The Fire Department is now fully politicized. Affirmative action kills.

Newly appointed Deputy Chief and head of the EMS Academy Lillian Bonsignore is a recipient of triple affirmative action: 1. As an Hispanic; 2. As a female; and 3. As a militant homosexual.

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