Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Empire Strikes Back! Twitter Did It Again! Social Media Giant Retaliates, and Freezes Account of Writer on Its Enemies List for the Seventh Time, Since Its Anti-Free Speech Edict Went into Effect on June 3


[Previously: “How Twitter Beats Up on People on Its Enemies’ List.”]

By Nicholas Stix

That would be me.

That must be a very long list. I wonder if it’s as long as the list at the New York Times, which I’m also on, along with many others (i.e., many other lists, and many other whitelistees).

I was tempted to get cute and say, “Twit,” instead of “Twitter,” but that would have been futile. After all, less than hour before Twitter shut me down, I did just that, when I criticized Twitter for trying to ram homosexuality down our throats, and my minder immediately reported me and had me blocked.

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Anonymous said...

Not to brag,but we had so much black crime at one point two years ago,that on a local station's blogsite, I unleashed a street by street description of how bad the city was--the way it used to be before the blacks moved in...and what it was turning into.Ghetto was unforgivable to say,drug dealing,crime reports.I got a few people going pretty good on there...blacks would get on and defend black crime and within 2 weeks--I was kicked off,came back on--and then the entire blogsite was eliminated.Now you have to go on Facebook to comment (with full name).I'm not THAT crazy...I live amongst them (a block away or so)
--GR Anonymous