Monday, June 13, 2016

Is the Transformation of the FDNY Complete Yet? Does It Function as a 21st Century Public Agency?

By Nicholas Stix

@FDNY @tonewallnyc So, now the #FDNY is a gay outfit? Congratulations! You steal jobs from qualified men, in order to hire unfit black females and black men (#Vulcan), then you steal money from the taxpayers to pay out fraudulent disability pensions to the black females and pay and back pay to the unfit black men you hired, and now you embrace homosexuality. Thus, you have succeeded at becoming an organization that prioritizes everything but fighting fires.

But there are still bridges to cross: The promotion of the sexual psychopaths who call themselves “transgenders.” As long as the FNY fails to hire sexual psychopaths as fire watchers and a fire commissioner, how can anyone take it seriously as a 21st century public agency? I mean, is this not the year 2016?

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Anonymous said...

Next,they'll be hiring black and Mexican arsonists--can't discriminate you know.