Monday, June 13, 2016

The Joys of Diversity: A Pictorial

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Anonymous said...

This is part of commentary from Franklin Sanders,gold market analyst:I agree with his frustration with the media.
"I would make fun of today's news, but how do you satirize people who are already disconnected from reality? It's impossible to exaggerate enough to out-do their lunacy. Muslim radical walks into a homosexual bar and shoots 49 people. Muslim is pledged to ISIS. However, Huffington Post says, "Don't Throw the Blame On Muslims for the Pulse Shooting." Goofier yet, the Chicago Tribune mumbles profoundly, "The target was all of us." What do the acolytes of the great god Diversity do when one diverse element kills 49 other, dissimilar diverse elements? Why, it threatens to homogenize diversity! In a blender.

The snake is eating his own tail. Country is becoming ungovernable."
--GR Anonymous