Wednesday, June 15, 2016

“Disgruntled Walmart Employee Fired Shot Before Taking Manager Hostage”: Translation: SWAT Officers Shoot and Kill Armed, Moslem Kidnapper Mohammad Moghaddam, 54, in Hostage Standoff at Amarillo, Texas Walmart

By A Texas Reader



Anonymous said...

FAQs--For future Muslim crime
What do blacks and Muslims seem to have in common?
Neither seem to follow the rule of law in America

Why is that?
It's white mans law.

Isn't that law good for everyone though?
Should be,but they don't think that way.

Will we hear more and more about Muslim crime?
Yes,until there's so much of it,the media
becomes bored and doesn't report it as vociferously.
(Chicago's black crime level is considered "normal"now--
and therefore,not news).

Or until the election is over and it gets swept under the media
rug again for 4 years..
---GR Anonymous

Hard Right said...

The rumors about the suspect being Somali seem to be true.

What happened to the rumor about the cops finding Arabic writings in his car?