Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has Taken How Much Already in Foreign Bribes, Before the Democratic Convention? If She is Elected, She Will be the Most Corrupt White President America Has Ever Had; See the Following Graphic, but Take Your Heart Medication First!

By Nicholas Stix

I count a total of $51,250,000-132,550,000, but I may have missed a million or two.

That money was not given as “philanthropy,” it was given as bribes, in order to pay off a future Clinton Administration. Had it not been public knowledge that the Clinton crime Family was making yet another run at the White House, little or none of that money would have been paid off.


Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia and Co.OWN HER.Trump would build a wall--she would build a conveyor belt from the Mideast all the way to Ellis Island.Or maybe thousands of drones that look like magic carpets...all carrying 4 Muslim immigrants apiece...parachuting into what USED to be the United States.
If that doesn't tell you who she will side with on this issue,nothing will.I was aware of it.Next:Clinton changing her name to Hill-Bin Clinton...or Hillama Hussein Clintafa she makes her inauguration speech("Don't call me Hillary anymore"--al la Cassius Clay).
Wouldn't surprise me a bit.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Bill even while President was allegedly getting a whole bunch of money for re-election under the table from the Chinese. That man has the nerve to even show his face?