Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Is Trump Going to Screw the Dwindling Number of Responsible Americans, by Promising Student Loan Defaulters an Amnesty? Could the Specter of Such an Amnesty Cost Him the Election?

By Nicholas Stix

Millennial to Rush Limbaugh: Trump Should Find a Way to Forgive Student Loan Debt (Countenance Blog)

Countenance Blogmeister: I Think He Will

Just a day or two ago, I remarked to The Boss that we’ll end up getting screwed that way.

We had to make a 20% down payment on our place, thanks to a racist, Moslem bank worker (paper shuffler at the bottom of the pyramid; I had to go over her head, or we would have lost our mortgage and our first 10% down payment, and been stuck in renters’ hell). We’ve never missed, or been late with a mortgage payment. Our plan is to pay for The Boss’ Boss’ education, without taking out any loans, but if we do take out a loan, we’ll pay it back with interest, while the deadbeats, especially the colored ones, will get a free ride. Free rides for deadbeats, colored or no, are not ok in our book. If Trump gives the deadbeats a loan amnesty, then he has to go the full Bern, and give everyone free higher ed.

Free universal higher ed would break the system. The system requires that whites be pickpocketed, on behalf of blacks, Hispanics, other colored people (Moslems, Indians?), and white racial socialists (profs and administrators).

For a few years, some observers, you included, if memory serves, have predicted that the student loan bubble would be the next meltdown. Maybe so, but in diversity economics, one meltdown after another is inevitable. You have a society that is dominated (even without being a majority) by colored deadbeats with no work ethic, no respect for the law, and low IQs, who expect whites to pay for themselves and for them and their kids, even as the whites are increasingly pushed out of the workplace.

The racial socialist welfare state was illegal, unconstitutional, and a moral outrage, back when it began in 1964, but it was economically viable, so long as the nation was 90% white and 10% black. It has been collapsing since at least 2007, when GWB and the banks realized Jack Kemp’s dream, by giving millions of Hispanic and black deadbeats “free” home mortgages, thereby causing the Minority Mortgage Meltdown.

As for millennials? Screw ‘em. Most of them don’t vote, anyway, and if their few votes come with a price tag of loan amnesty, and Trump agrees to pay it, those of us who pay our own bills will have to reconsider both voting for him, and paying our bills. Why should we carry a nation of deadbeats?

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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

The higher education industrial complex that turns millions into debt slaves was forged out of one of the worst SCOTUS decisions of the 20th century: Griggs vs. Duke Power. To make matters worse, 'disparate impact' has now been made part of federal law. So even if by a miracle, Griggs was overturned, we would still be stuck in this federally mandated hell.

Before Griggs, it was not uncommon to find engineers and other skilled people who spent little to no time in college. They were trained 'on the job'. Pre Griggs, a kid out of high school could apply for a job at a local mill or architectural-engineering firm for an apprentice position. The prospective employer would run the kid through a battery of tests (IQ, mechanical aptitude, etc.) to see if he had the brains and skills to actually learn the trade.

Those tests, unless your company can pay an army of lawyers to screen the tests, and defend your company in court, are basically banned now. Why? Because blacks overall did worse than other races on those tests.

So to screen candidates, employers required degrees for jobs that previously you didn't need one. The market responded by degenerating higher education into expensive diploma mills, so everyone could get a degree.

This is really a sad state of affairs that is hobbling the United States. Other countries don't practice this stupidity. i.e. My wife (not from the USA) had to take an IQ test as part of the job application. She got hired in part due to the results of that test. I can attest the tests are accurate because she is pretty damn smart.