Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekly Multicultural Wrap-Up

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Moving the Goalposts
By (and linked to by) Question Diversity/Countenance Blogmeister • 2 years ago

The other side has the luxury of moving goalposts in defining "diversity." At one extreme, "diversity" can mean only black Americans. At the other extreme, it can mean anyone but a straight white non-Jewish heterosexual cisgendered man. With lots of room and many gradations in between.

If you think SV has lots of diversity because SV [Silicon Valley] firms have lots of Asians, then you're using the definition of diversity that means anyone but white people. But the left uses "diversity" in the sense of the SV not having enough of it to mean that the line is between blacks/Hispanics and whites/Asians, meaning in this instance, Asians are considered to be honorary white people, or at least not diverse.

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Anonymous said...

I went to YouTube to watch the new Colonel Cooks Training Center commercial for KFC.The blacks are all supervisors or people in control of the stupid white employees...and the black hitting the white guy with a broom while he's working.was unforgettable.Could you EVER see that in reverse?The blacks I see in these fast food places are the incompetent and slow ones and usually have to get bailed out by the sole white employee that's forced to work his ass off.I've seen it in government work and at retail outlets.The outrageous war against whites as lazy and underlings to blacks is a fictional
propagandist storyline that I continue to be amazed by.
What world do the producers of these commercials live in?Not the real world.
It's similar to the US government(Lynch) editing the Orlando terror tapes to remove all references to Islamic terrorism.By not presenting the truth,you are trying to alter what people are thinking about Muslims consciously and in the KFC case--subliminally.
We are being told lies...we are being forced to watch governments and advertisings opinion of who the good people of the country are---and it isn't WHITE PEOPLE.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

If you read the comments about the commercial on YouTube,some are saying,"I don't know about anyone else,but don't you think this is a little bit racist?"
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Here's a worrisome story from Grand Rapids.
Police are worried about a dashcam video being released tomorrow concerning one Lamont Gulley a black con who stabbed his wife to death in April and then went on a failed escape attempt through the neighborhoods of Kentwood/Grand Rapids WITH a loaded gun.Police finally caught up with him on Breton road and after Gulley stabbed a police dog,was shot and killed by police.Now in this black infested(30%?) community,police reps met with black leaders and announced they fear"there could be a problem after we release the tape."...insinuating something along the lines of a Ferguson could be unleashed.
I'll keep you posted.Maybe I'll head out of town tomorrow.
Grand Rapids--All American City No More.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Kent County authorities will release new information Tuesday about the officer-involved shooting that killed a man who had allegedly just killed his wife, officials confirmed Monday.

A Kentwood police officer shot and killed Lamont Gulley, 43, onApril 8 while attempting to subdue him shortly after the stabbing that killed Casey Kempker, 41.

Kent County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Chris Becker said Prosecutor Bill Forsyth would release his findings sometime Tuesday morning in addition to video that shows the shooting. Becker declined to discuss the case further ahead of the release.

Police on scene on Breton Road SE near Edington Drive SE in Kentwood on Friday, April 8, 2016.

Sources who have seen the video have expressed concerns about the potential response from the public. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak about what happened prior to the release.

The video shows Gulley on the ground, surrounded by officers when the shooting takes place, the sources said. A police dog was on top of Gulley and he was stabbing the animal when a Kentwood officer opened fire.

Gulley died shortly after the shooting.

In preparation for the release of the prosecutor’s findings and video, officers in Grand Rapids have been alerted about a potential response from the public.

Kent County officials also met with leaders in the black community to review the case details and show them the video, sources said.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow (Tuesday)for your viewing pleasure...ABC has a diverse night of programming scheduled--one white show and 3 black shows.To get the token white one out of the way,ABC(All Black Content)starts with a half hour of "The Middle",quickly moving to "Blackish",followed by,"Uncle Buck",a black show that I'm sure is so damn good,they had to stretch it out to an hour.Wrap up the fun by watching the new "Black To Tell the Truth",where lying blacks celebs (black celebs are no different than regular blacks) try to figure out if OTHER people are lying.
A pat on the back to ABC for making my decision easy to watch something on another network..
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Diversity too means Spanish speakers that burn the American flag in your face while flying the Mexican flag in your face.

Anonymous said...

"police reps met with black leaders and announced they fear 'there could be a problem after we release the tape.]"..

THEY will riot. THEY will riot. THEY will riot. THEY will riot.


Anonymous said...

"A Kentwood police officer shot and killed Lamont Gulley, 43, onApril 8 while attempting to subdue him shortly after the stabbing that killed Casey Kempker, 41."

Casey Kempker. A whitey woman??