Friday, June 24, 2016

SEE EU Later! Check Out the Historic Front Page of London's Daily Sun



jeigheff said...

I recently read some commentary about Europe, which said "right-wing" (or patriotic) politics weren't gaining much real traction, despite their growing popularity. The article cited the recent presidential election in Austria which was really close, the one where the Austrians ended up with a new Austria-hating president.

Keeping that in mind, I'm glad to see that the Brits got an honest election with the right result. I'd be really interested in seeing the demographics about who voted what way. I also hope the British people don't get screwed by the elites who are determined to keep things the way they are, which would make this election meaningless if that were to happen.

Nicholas said...

The MSM, here and abroad, want whites to think that resistance is futile, while they import enough Moslems (and in our case, Hispanics), and ruin enough white lives to intimidate the rest, and thereby make the "futility" a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Anonymous said...

Agree with both of you.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have been boasting since the 1990s that they are going to impose one party rule on America by importing countless foreign ringers to vote for them … Why wouldn’t Americans resent this? - Steve Sailer

Every country in Western Europe has a sizable number of invader voters who instinctively vote against the natives. Without that vote this would have been a massive landslide. With that vote you are always just one referendum or election away from extermination.

Anonymous said...

A little post-Brexit analysis,as I watch how the pollsters couldn't get it right again.Frank Luntz said 10% of the people made up their mind in the last day.I mentioned the German theater incident yesterday,and wondered if a possible failed terrorist attack could influence the Brexit referendum.Maybe?
I still can't find an ID on the deceased individual who took hostages in that theater.Checking the WSJ blog,there were mentions of "an Isis affiliation",by the attacker.
Of course Germany is reticent to blame Muslims for any crime,just as Obama is reluctant to do so.By avoiding the obvious acknowledgment of Isis involvement,a country in favor of importing more Muslims into it,does not have to explain why they continue a policy based in desperate insanity.The desperation here, comes from the belief that Democrats are importing future voting blocks (Mexicans and Muslims)that will guarantee their continued power in the Oval Office.To do this to our country for THAT reason is duplicitous,deceitful,calculated evil..But that's the Democrats for you.
---GR Anonymous