Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sharia vs. America in Dearbornistan: Christian Evangelists Who were Assaulted by Arab Moslems, and Kicked Out of an Arab-American Street Festival by the Sheriff’s Department, While being Threatened with Arrest in 2012, After Carrying a Pig’s Head and Telling Dearborn Muslims They Would “Burn in Hell,” Have Agreed to Settle Their Lawsuit Against Wayne County and Members of Its Police Force

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Islam: Hell on Earth

At the Detroit News.


Anonymous said...

It's their town now...a preview of what they want to accomplish all over the globe.Solution?Crusades--the Sequel.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Don't you think I'm on to something with the answer to the constant question I hear on Fox?Why wont Obama call these terrorists,"Islamic radicals"?
It's so obvious,but I never hear it.To say those words and allow his Refugee Program to continue would be treasonist behavior and political suicide for the Democratic party.The first thing Trump could say is,"If these criminals are Islamic,why the hell is Obama letting them in?"So they don't admit the religious angle.A few more of these attacks should change some minds.
In the same vein,Dems would never admit that BLACKS commit most of the crime,because that would logically lead to profiling and a crackdown on blacks(with more prison time)and therefore their big voting block staying home from the polls.
The cycle needs to be broken right now.I hope it's not,but I fear it IS too late.
--GR Anonymous