Friday, June 10, 2016

Donald Trump: Political Correctness, or Justice? (Graphic)

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Anonymous said...

The two parties running for president (I don't mean Republican and Democrat) have decided to simplify the election for us.Trump says "Hillary is crooked",she says Trump is "racist and unstable".
And that is the choice we have to make.Who do we want in the White House for the next 4 years?An accused crook,under multiple investigations,or a"supposed racist".Of course the racist mantra is only being chanted as a catch phrase,not as a fact.Clinton is trying the same strategy as Trump has used throughout the campaign--and for some undecided voters--it will resonate.
There's a formula in advertising that if you have a commercial-about ANY product-- aired a certain number of times,it will receive a certain amount of orders needed to guarantee a profit.The latest example is a "Super Pillow",that is played all the time.Fast forward to the election and we will see who can repeat their advertising mantra to the public enough to make it stick.
Or until hopefully Clinton gets indicted.
--GR Anonymous