Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Real Estate Mogul Earle Mack: Paul Ryan is the New Republican on a White Horse, Who Will “Unify the Party”

By Nicholas Stix
Expanded on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, at 12:38 a.m.

Mack is a real estate mogul estimated to have a net worth of app. $300 million.

Mack is the “honorary chairman” of “a super PAC called the Committee to Draft Speaker Ryan.”
“The presidential race has descended into little more than a schoolyard scuffle with poll after poll showing Donald Trump losing to Hillary Clinton in the general election,” said Mack, who has already reportedly put $1 million of his own money into the effort.

Fortunately, Ryan is not interested… yet.
On Friday, Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong said the House speaker is “flattered, but not interested.” And on Monday, a Ryan representative pointed to a letter one of Ryan’s lawyers had sent to the FEC to act as “a formal disavowal of the organization and its activity.”

Ryan is not involved with the super PAC “in any way,” the letter said, and “it is the speaker’s sincere hope that donors and supporters are not confused by, or misled into supporting, this organization.” [“USA: Earle Mack Starts Super PAC to Draft Paul Ryan for President,” by Politiscope, March 8, 2016.]
Undaunted, Mack was giving interviews yesterday night on cable news (CNN, if memory serves), on his support for Ryan, in which neither he nor the interviewer mentioned Paul Ryan’s disavowal.


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Anonymous said...

Tonight thanks to my vote,Donald Trump carried Michigan easily.As of 9:21pm all the major networks called Trump the winner with a 38-25% lead over John Kasich.One of the interesting things I saw today while I was in line signing in to vote,two Mexicans were told they could not vote because they were not on the registry.I m sure they were anti-Trump of course.I d never seen that before in all the years of voting--but the Mexicans we have around GR are not the brightest bulbs on the planet.
I felt great voting for Trump even more so after all the vicious crap I saw today.Lester Holt on the Negro Nightly News tried to connect Trumps pledge to a Nazi salute.Seriously?Hope Romney and Graham and the rest all learn a lesson about what the people want is something different from what we have now.A message was sent tonight to the establishment--and if they re not listening,we'll just yell louder.

---GR anonymous