Wednesday, December 16, 2015

“White” Teenager Philip Chism Guilty of First-Degree Murder, Aggravated Rape, and Robbery of White Teacher, Colleen Ritzer; Defense Attorney Tried Playing the Crazy Card, but Lost


Lovely Colleen Ritzer was only 24 when then-14-year-old Philip Chism defiled and slaughtered her on October 22, 2013 in a bathroom in Massachusetts' Danvers High School (family photo)

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Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this story.

Note that because the police report form the Danvers Police Ddepartment listed murderer-rapist (then “suspect”) Philip Chism as “white,” this will likely have been tabulated as a “white-on-white” rape-murder. It’s really important to the powers that be to fudge the crime stats so that they can bring down the proportion of black crimes, and inflate the numbers of “white” crimes.

Chism confessed his crimes to police, but his defense attorney demanded that the confession be tossed and, as is now de riguer, the judge accommodated him.

But Chism wasn’t done when he raped, murdered, and robbed Coleen Ritzer, a beloved, young, attractive math teacher. In June 2014, while in jail awaiting trial, he allegedly hatched a plan to attack a female jail counselor, similar to his rape-murder of Ritzer, secreted himself near a locker room-bathroom area, and beat and choked the woman, before he could be restrained.


Racist monster Philip Chism in Essex Superior Court on June 30, 2014, at the age of 15 or 16

Chism was known to be so dangerous to [white] women that “An official at the youth services facility had been warned by [Essex Assistant District Attorney Kate B.] MacDougall in November not to allow Chism to be alone with female staff members, court documents say.

Teen guilty of raping, murdering female teacher
“He didn't choose to do this”
Published: 21 hours ago
By Douglas Ernst

A Boston jury has found a 16-year-old teenager guilty of killing his teacher in 2013.

Philip Chism was charged as an adult for the first-degree murder of teacher Colleen Ritzer. An Essex Superior Court found him guilty on Tuesday.

Ritzer, 24, was slain with a box cutter in a bathroom at Danvers High School in Danvers, Massachusetts, on October 22, 2013. Her body was found days later in nearby woods.

Defense attorney Denise Regan attempted to use an insanity defense this week, but the court found her client competent to stand trial.

“When Philip Chism followed Ms. Ritzer into that bathroom, he was not himself,” Regan said Tuesday, CNN reported. “He didn’t choose to do this.”

Chism showed no emotion as the jury returned its verdict. He was also found guilty of aggravated rape and armed robbery.

“There is not one single person in this courtroom who wants to believe that a 14-year-old-boy could have done this and not be crazy,” prosecutor Kate MacDougall said. “But doing something so awful does not make you crazy.”

A status date in the case is set for December 22.


pjoe said...

Are there any reports about his past history? It is as if he moved to Mass. 1 year prior to this slaughter and suddenly went psycho.
I suspect there is a lot of info from his younger years being suppressed for the usual reasons.

Elliot Foley said...

Thanks for posting this story Nicholas.

Thomas O. Meehan said...

In the old republic, people looked really carefully at each other, surmising who people really were. Who were your folks, etc.? In Post American America, this is no longer sanctioned; to our cost.

Anonymous said...

Whenever one of these "biracials" commit an evil act I wonder how they're being tallied by our criminal "justice" system. How can you really tell when they won't release the information publicly? The FBI won't give stats on the race of serial killers or mass killers, not anywhere I can find anyways. Clearly this is designed to cover up just how "diverse" they really are.
Chris Harper Mercer I have no doubt has been categorized as white.
Likely Jacob Tyler Roberts, the Clackamas Town Center shooter has been also.
Look up Kevin Davis, a black man who murdered his own mother then raped her dead corps. His mother was white and his father black, if you see pictures of him he's not ambiguous at all though.
How does the FBI handle all these mixed race people? I may be wrong but I strongly suspect they are usually put in the white columns. Jerry pdx

Extropico said...

I'm devastated by her loss and I'm not even a family member. I don't want to ponder for long how I'd cope if I were her father.

Anonymous said...

Mom was a coal burner in Tennessee, Philip was like Dad so she divorced Dad and moved to almost all-white suburban Boston so her JB kid could learn some SWPL manners.

Didn't work out.

Anonymous said...

The problem was that she did not see him as a threat and dangerous, as she was sheltered and did not have direct experience with urban lowlifes, street blacks.

I can't imagine what her family has gone through and is going through. My condolences. I am very sorry for your loss if you are reading this.

About pjoe's comment- that's on the money. murderer probably has had numerous interactions with law enforcement, I'm guessing much time in juvenile facilities or mental institutions.

When I'm on the train, if a group of young black males comes on, I am very aware and on alert, even two together is a problem because they show off to each other by being complete assholes and are very loud and volatile.

There's an excellent book that all women should read - The Gift of Fear by Gavin Becker.

Anonymous said...

Another halfie gone crazy.These are Jekyll-Hyde psychos who can t handle not being either black OR white.So they grow up ostracized by all and become sociopathic outcasts.This all falls under the category of white women--not thinking of the repercussions-spitting out their black sperm donors monsters.It s the same category we will be seeing when gay parents release their sexually and psychologically tormented adopted kids to the world...all caused by confusion over the question of WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE?Are they straight?Gay?Black?White?The parents of course don t care about what kind of kid their DNA is going to create.I blame the white women who are so stupid to fall for the black B.S. that gets them to spread their legs.They don t think about how the burrhead they give birth to will resent what they are when they grow up.The gay couples that adopt straight kids DESTROY them over time--similar to a Stockholm Syndrome Patty Hearst.
Society needs to examine these relatipnships that are doomed to failure in so many ways...the most important one being the children that are produced by them

Nicholas said...

Anon 10:25 p.m.,

I don't think mom was a "coal burner." I saw her photo from the trial. She looked to be a quadroon. Extremely light, light enough to pass, but not white.

What's a "JB," or dare I ask?

David In TN said...


In the TV coverage of the trial, there was no sign of Chism's biological father. His (maternal) grandfather testified, but the bio father was nowhere to be seen, even as a courtroom spectator. At least in the first week.

He was only mentioned vaguely, if at all, in newspaper articles.

Anonymous said...

Society needs to examine these relationships that are doomed to failure in so many ways...the most important one being the children that are produced by them.

The one predominant theme seems to be the ones almost black, i.e. Obama, they hate Whites.

Anonymous said...

Jungle bunny?Just guessing.What do I win?

Anonymous said...

"The one predominant theme seems to be the ones almost black, i.e. Obama, they hate Whites."

It has been observed for many decades and by man persons that the Black Muslim hierarchy from Elijah Poole onward was comprised of almost exclusively very light skinned negroes. Those that whitey the most.