Thursday, December 17, 2015

See The New Yorker’s Fearless Cover and Story on Domestic Terrorism!



By George Weinbaum

December 14’s New Yorker (above) cover is a stunning anti-white propaganda piece. It shows a white couple buying: milk, hand grenades and what looks like three AR-15s in a gun store. Since a carton of milk is in their shopping basket we should conclude this is typical shopping trip for whites. Wouldn’t it have been more realistic for the couple to have been Muslims?...

[Read the whole thing at VDARE.]



Anonymous said...

Actually the guy looks like Marco have him vetted.

Anonymous said...

I actually saw a white man reading that very copy today on the CTA Red Line today; what do people get out of that magazine anyway? I've read copies of the the New Yorker in the past, but frankly, no idea what people read it for. Free newspapers like the Chicago Reader may be lefty, but actually contain useful information on the local scene.