Monday, December 28, 2015

Is the West Disintegrating, or being Re-Born? (Pat Buchanan)

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan speaks correctly.Unfortunately, do the citizens of the US hear anyone else talking about this?I mean anyone in a position to do something about where this country is going.Politicians are too cowardly,businessman too greedy,religious leaders too sympathetic and media too slanted to give America the facts.
So when Trump even hints of what the problems are and what solutions can begin to fix our demise as a country,he is called a xenophobe and racist.The drums pound for more immigration,less jail for drug and related crime,more leniency for black and Mexican crime--all the while the people making these laws isolate themselves from the slum cities and neighborhoods they create.
On Negro Nightly News tonight,Kate Snow did her liberal best to carry the mantle for Lester Holt by emphasizing the no indictment story from Cleveland.Civil lawsuits and more black millionaires will be created soon from that case.That was followed up by Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago coming back from vacation to find out why cops shot 2 blacks in a domestic call in the ghetto.The one man involved was admittedly"acting mental".Cops shot him and a 55 year old woman accidentally.It s a no win situation even answering those calls.You can see the dollar signs dancing in the eyes of the black girl that was wearing the "Sexy" hat on her head.
What will Rahm tell the police to do?Don t shoot at all?They will tell him to eff himself as the cops have told DiBlasio in NY and Baltimore to their black mayor as well.I m surprised police don t answer calls in army tanks...I wouldn t blame them if they did.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a story on the #1 name for newborns in Belgium.
-----Mohammed.Thanks to the prolific birthrate of refugees overwhelming native birthrates.It s a complete longterm view takeover of Euro and American culture.People better wake up to what is happening and how it s being done.Part of being an American is thinking what kind of country people want their kids and grandkids want to live in--a Christian democracy or an Islamic dictatorship.Better decide now because it s happening quickly.