Sunday, December 27, 2015

See Notorious German Video of Turkish Moslem Bragging About Brutally Gang-Raping a Young, German Virgin!

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

The translator’s note at the end notes that the video first surfaced in 2011, and that the speaker’s look, accent, and use of slangy German suggest that he was born to Turkish Moslems in Germany.

German authorities have been covering up Moslem crime, especially rapes of German females, for years.


Anonymous said...

Nice peaceful religion?That comes only from the Muslim PR department.It s a mantra heard repeatedly in their efforts to counter deportation.More of this must be heard in the MSM.I see scant occasional reports on O'Reilly or Hannity,but nowhere else...certainly not on the Negro Nightly News which seems to be overseen by Obama.

Anonymous said...

The most egregious pro-Muslim propaganda emanates from American public radio. It's as if Europeans need to ACCEPT the rape of their culture & women folk because it has been ordained their Cosmopolitan overlords. Or else, prepare to be painted as racists, the most malevolent species on earth. Go ahead and listen to NPR or whatever, and you will come to the same conclusion. Yes, prepare to listen to opposition to the new world order as "they say," the constant reference to NGOs as the "go to" people to describe the world's problems, the minimal usage of the word "costs" as to what all the leftist expenditures on the social maladies of the current hour are. Or, as I say: "Waiting for pro-gun stories on NPR." I've yet to experience ONE pro-gun story on public radio and NEVER will. All Marxists all the time radio.