Sunday, December 27, 2015

Century-Old, Classic Poster of What Socialism Does to a Country/Bernie Sanders on Crime

By Nicholas Stix

Boy, is it ever unacceptable, but not in the way Bernie Sanders is saying!

Considering that with massive de-policing and fakestats pushing down the black crime rate; and hyper-policing, and the routine official identification of Hispanic felons as “white” inflating the white crime rate, the true black-white crime ratio must be more like 12-1.


Anonymous said...

When I first read that you agreed with Bernie Sanders about the 6-1 ratio being "unacceptable",I was shocked.I kept reading though and IS unacceptable that blacks are not put in jail or more importantly KEPT in jail for first or second felonies for as long a time as they should be.Many blacks (and Mexicans)commit many misdemeanors for years and proceed up the scale to felonies.Judges need to take into account the kind of life they have chosen prior to sentencing for that first or second felony.Why wait for 3 strikes to give an obviously lifelong criminal a life sentence?Bernie Sanders does not live near these people--if he did he would be in favor of building more prisons--not arresting less blacks.Let us all take some video of where all the politicians and Hollywood liberal celebs live and compare that to where their "friends"--the ghetto black-- lives.I know I live closer to the ghetto than THEY do.(and I don t like it one iota).

Anonymous said...

Lots and lots of blacks in Vermont. Lots of them.