Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Breaking News Alert: Freddie Gray I Trial: With Jury Hopelessly Deadlocked on Persecution of Black Officer William Porter; Judge Declares Mistrial!; Porter Will be Retried; Will Baltimore “Activists” Riot?


Officer William Porter: Perp or vic?

By Nicholas Stix

Racist CNN “legal analyst” Sunny Hostin is “shocked.”

Officer Porter was charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office.

Had Porter been convicted, I believe that the conviction could have been thrown out, based on reversible error, because Circuit Judge Barry Williams had asked the jury to “compromise.” Although jury room compromises happen all the time, they are illegal, because they defeat the interests of justice. No judge may ask for a “compromise,” because it would entail possibly convicting someone of a crime that jurors don’t believe he committed, instead of another crime for which they think he is guilty, but cannot gain a conviction.


Freddie Gray: Grifter, not victim


David In TN said...

"Legal Analyst" Sunny Hostin, Yes I remember now. She was probably the biggest Talking Head Nifong supporter during the Duke Lacrosse Hoax.

It didn't prevent her from a high-paying gig at CNN, did it?

And why didn't the Learned Judge grant a motion for change of venue?

Anonymous said...

It didn't prevent her from a high-paying gig at CNN, did it?

No. It probably got her the job.

Anonymous said...

Grays no good family already won the black lottery of 6 mill.That s all that really matters to them.The rest of the protests are fake.