Friday, December 18, 2015

Language/Thought Control in Sweden: Sweden’s Top Public Broadcaster SVT Orders Employees Not to Say “Immigrant,” “Black,” or “Dark-Skinned,” because Those are the People Committing Almost All of the Rapes and Other Violent Crimes Against the Swedish People

By Reader-Researcher RC

At Prison Planet.


Anonymous said...

As here in the DON'T have to qualify the description--we already know the odds are 80% what race the criminal is(black,Mex)...or isn t (white).Still,it s important to get through the heads of the slow circuited,WHO are committing the bulk of societys major and minor crimes.I watched Mandy Patinkin last night on Colberts show (which is a treasure chest of liberal crap)give a longwinded speech on why everyone must welcome Syrian immigrants and ALL immigrants.My only response would be to point out he s a proponent of this because from where he lives,I m sure he can barely see them with his telescope.Michael Moore was on there saying the same and DeNiro and Colbert both agreed Trump was an a-hole.But it s easy to be a liberal when you don t interract with the people you want to throw on the rest of the country.It s easy to be a liberal from your mansion.It s easy to be politically (in)correct when you have the easy life and feel guilty about why you have so much money for doing so little.
Steven Colbert can be a funny physical comic,but his blatant anti-Trump and pro immigration stance are tiresome night after night...and so are the guests he brings on to agree with him.

Anonymous said...

Mandy Patinkin, Jew, went to South Shore High School in Chicago. So did Larry Ellison of Oracle. Suze Orman, Financial Personality. James Watson, DNA Nobel Prize winner, same.

They don't graduate people like that from South Shore HS anymore.

Why? Because they were all chased out by the Black invasion force from the South that occurred in the 1960s. Jews chased out by a hostile people. Only a fool cannot see that Syrians, especially Muslims, want everyone to either flee or kneel before their dominance - just like Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the graduation rate is now compared to then--and how dumbed down is the cirriculum?Justice Scalia wants to (Smart man btw).