Saturday, December 26, 2015

Officer Michael Slager Needs Our Prayers: White Policeman Spent Christmas in Jail in Solitary Confinement, an American Political Prisoner


The black criminal and the white cop he repeatedly assaulted, while seeking to escape custody

Pray for Michael Slager, Who Spent Christmas in Solitary Confinement, an American Political Prisoner
By Nicholas Stix
Christmas Day, 9:30 p.m.

I’m not a religious man, but I said a prayer today for Michael Slager. I hope you will, too. Slager is one of the growing number of America’s political prisoners. He has been rotting away in solitary confinement, untried but without bail, since April 7—for being a cop while white in Obama’s America.

On April 4, Officer Michael Slager had the misfortune of crossing paths with Walter Scott, a small-time criminal and ne’er-do-well, who had the good fortune of having been born black.

Officer Slager pulled over Scott for driving with a broken tail light, in a car that may have been stolen. (Scott had no title for the car, his explanation was a mass of contradictions, and the authorities have had no interest in determining the truth.)

[Read the whole thing, at VDARE.]


Anonymous said...

He s a symbol of the anti-white movement.I m afraid prayers won t be enough to save him or the white cop in Chicago while Obama is in office.It all comes from the top...Obama,Holder/Lynch are calling the shots.Criminals families are being financially rewarded for the thugs committing crimes and confronting cops or disobeying cops orders.If these blacks were not running up and down the streets looking for trouble at night this stuff wouldn t be happening.Pretty simple really.

Anonymous said...

Never heard once of the possible stolen car or at least no proof of ownership.