Saturday, December 26, 2015

Movie News! The Philadelphia Story is Released! (Photo)

For a time, I counted The Philadelphia Story eighth on my list of the 100 Greatest Movies, but it’s since fallen a wee bit.

10. The Third Man, 1948 (Carol Reed)
9. On the Waterfront, 1954 (Elia Kazan)
8. The Philadelphia Story, 1940 (George Cukor)
7. It Happened One Night, 1934 (Frank Capra)
6. Shane, 1953 (George Stevens)
5. It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946 (Frank Capra)

And The Big Four:

Citizen Kane, 1941 (Orson Welles)
The Godfather, Part II, 1974 (Francis Ford Coppola)
The Godfather, 1972 (Coppola)
The Best Years of Our Lives, 1946 (William Wyler)

As of last October, it’s 11th.

The Best Years of Our Lives
The Godfather
The Godfather, Part II (Busy work for viewers?, myth of busy spectators as more intelligent
Citizen Kane
5. It’s a Wonderful Life
6. Shane
7. It Happened One Night
8. On the Waterfront
9./10. The Bridge on the River Kwai/Lawrence of Arabia
11. The Philadelphia Story

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