Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Angela Merkel is Destroying Germany’s Economy, for the Sake of Moslem “Refugees”

By Nicholas Stix


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Anonymous said...

To argue with the" pro immigration"side,the" lets ignore the massive black crime" side,the" cops are all no good"side,the "we know whats humane and YOU don t"side,the "jails have too many incarcerated blacks"side--gets a response of "you re hateful!!!""you re a bigot" and "you are a fascist,nazi etc".Not too many standing up for what has worked in the world for hundreds of years,but is being chipped away at steadily.Another war between Christians and Arabs is in our future.It s obvious that the Arabs are being brilliantly sneaky with their plan of taking over various countries by attrition.China has just okayed Chinese couples to have another child.Maybe we need a suggestion of similar behavioral change in the US backed by higher tax credits for having more children...but only if you can support them.If not (and that means most blacks and mexis),you don t get the tax break.It seems like the only way to fight THIS war.