Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Jamelle Bouie Story: The Comprehensive, Unauthorized, Biography

By Nicholas Stix

Jamelle Bouie is a generic black racist, who’s paid to write for one of those blogs of the racist Left (Slate/Salon) that I find indistinguishable and rarely read, since one permablocked me, while the other began ghosting my comments so that I would be gulled into thinking they'd been posted, when in fact only I could see them.

I read Bouie a few times. In one case, his article wasn’t complete garbage. The others were a combination of lies and racist vitriol. None was memorable.

In the set of twits below, he engages in a combination of “straw man” and ad hominem attacks, with the latter attitude dominating.


Chicago guy said...

I'm also calling this a hoax. It just doesn't ring true. A guy in a suit on a bus in Chicago? The woman doesn't even look Middle Eastern. As a matter of fact if one walks around in downtown Chicago there's quite a number of Muslim women walking around with head scarves, face masks and even some burkhas, all going around without anyone bothering them. She's a liar trying to gain some notoriety.

Chicago guy said...

Ooops, meant to leave the comment on the story above this one.