Sunday, December 27, 2015

Black Supremacist Writes on the Michael Slager/Walter Scott Case

[Re: “Pray for Michael Slager, Who Spent Christmas in Solitary Confinement, an American Political Prisoner.”]

By Nicholas Stix

Emeka Okparaeke is one of my legions of black supremacist readers.

Your December 25th article on VDARE
From Emeka Okparaeke

“Your article is filled to the brim with falsehoods. First, at no point in time did Mr. Slager claim that Mr. Scott shot him with a taser. That is just something that you made up or poorly inferred because the taser wire was wrapped around Mr. Slager's leg. Mr. Slager claims that he used the taser against Mr. Scott which means it couldn't have been used against Mr. Slager (its a single use weapon). There are quite a few things that you got wrong (lied about) but I will leave that to you to figure out.”

Nicholas Stix responds: I’m calling your bluff. Your rant did not expose a single mistake or lie on my part. I re-read my Christmas Day article, and nowhere in it did I make the one claim that you are implying that I made. That makes you the liar. But you knew that, already.

“There are quite a few things that you got wrong (lied about) but I will leave that to you to figure out.”

You won’t leave them to me “to figure out,” because there’s nothing. You have nothing to show, so again you bluff.

You’re nothing but a B.S. artist with a toxically high level of self-esteem. News flash: You can’t just make up lies about facts, without any factual support.


PaleRider1861 said...

"Black Supremacist"...the only thing blacks are supremely represented in these days are FBI crime statistics --- oh the irony!

Anonymous said...

This person is your typical know-nothing. Anyone who has seen a Taser KNOWS it has two cartridges and is therefore a TWO-shot weapon. A simple google search will tell you this is so. Black ranting is typically based on a zero knowledge base, or even worst, untruths spoken by fellow Blacks. I have yet to see mention of the so-called "21 foot rule" in the Chicago police shooting of MacDonald that all the Blacks Lives Matter types are marching against on Michigan Avenue. Even on 560AM so-called "Conservative" talk radio I've yet to hear any mention of that.

Anonymous said...

First Scott runs. Then Scott and Slager tussle on the ground in a wrestling match.

Then Scott takes away the taser and shoots Slager with it.

Then Scott runs and is shot.


Anonymous said...

"tussle"... hip-hop euphemism for fight to the death...

As for the "BROKEN TAIL LIGHT," that's just it. Once you are under arrest, the cops can't let you win. Period. Scott could have avoided being shot by simply OBEYING the cop - yes, all he had to do was "Act White."

Is that too much from the Black community?